Michael Garmany grew up in the Bay Area where he was surrounded with a versatile range of artists including 2Pac, The Clash, and Social Distortion.  Now, his own music is a reflection of the music he grew up with.  This is evident upon listening to his new track, “Still Missing”.  

Layered with elements of funk, R&B and psychedelic pop, the track starts off mild with a simple piano and bass as he sings about wanting something that he isn’t sure he is worthy of having.  As the verse progresses, the melodies continue to get catchier.  Once the chorus hits, the music speeds up and you’ll find yourself dancing along.  The catchiness of the melodies is enhanced by various sonic choices throughout the song.  These ear-catching additions, such as bells and hand claps, take the song to new heights.  Drawing on personal experiences, Garmany is clear that he has been unable to find a love that works for him.  During the more up-tempo portions, it might be easy to forget that he is singing about missing something from his life.  With various influences present, it doesn’t sound like “Still Missing” is missing anything.

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