Milton Keynes native Lydia Singer has released her infectious new pop single, “Lemme Know”.  Influenced by stars like Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello, Singer proves to know a thing or two about creating memorable pop songs with catchy hooks and piercing vocals.  While these influences are apparent upon listening, she has no trouble creating her own unique sound for fans to fall in love with.

 Bursting with confidence, Singer lets her lover know that she knows what they want but wants them to be upfront and clear about it themselves.  In the process, Singer remains direct and upfront when articulating what she wants and needs from this lover.  This way of writing lyrics makes clear to the listener that she is unafraid and unapologetic of letting people know just how she is feeling.  The melody remains one of the most stunning and captivating aspects of this track, and when paired with the perfect dancing rhythm, “Lemme Know” is the perfect taste of what pop enthusiasts need.  It is hard not to groove along to the tiny bells and whistles that this track offers.

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