Ireland’s Lucy Gaffney has crafted a pop/rock dream tune with her latest track, “Send Me Away”.  Gaffney worked on the track alongside The Coral’s James Skelly, who produced it, as well as her brother, Thom Southern.  The result is a tune that nods to greats like Carly Simon and The Cure, two of Gaffney’s musical influences.  In no time after pressing play, you are welcomed into what feels like a mystical dreamland filled with love and hope.  With synths that bring out the feeling of dancing along to the end credits of a coming of age film set in the 80s, “Send Me Away” can easily measure up to any timeless masterpiece.

There’s raw freedom that has been captured with this song.  It’s the kind of freedom that comes with being young and in love and unsure of what the future holds.  This feeling of fearlessness flows from the speakers the minute the music starts and carries all the way through to the final moments.  Of the track, Gaffney says, “For me the track really encapsulates the dreamy element in the idea of love, getting lost in intoxicating moments and the electric excitement of the unknown.”

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