As Jenny March gears up to release her EP, she steers right down the lane of 90s pop for her electrifying single, “All In”.  This aesthetic comes from her growing up as a 90s kid, bringing to the table all of the music and style from the decade and allowing them to define her with this track, complete with the correlating visuals.  Strengthened by the electronic music of the times, “All In” could very well be mistaken for the exact time period she’s aiming for, while also being strikingly analogous to current music trends.  You get the feeling that you can conquer everything with the one you love, which is exactly what she wants her lover to know. 

The use of a stomping beat and direct lyrics help get her message across that she is willing to go as far as she is expected to go.  It is no doubt that March is capable of creating the power anthems we all know and love.  From the ear-catching melodies to the fetching musical layers, there’s no reason this shouldn’t be on everybody’s next dance playlist.

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