Constant criticism about the way you live your life suck, and Philadelphia-based rock group Humilitarian want listeners to know that they understand the feeling on their new track, “She Said”.  It happens to be one of the first songs the band completed together.  As a band, Humilitarian are influenced by indie rock, which is clear from the moment you press play on their latest release.

“She Said” paints the picture of someone who struggles with letting go of any negative feelings that come with opinions that were not even asked for in the first place.  It makes it clear how it feels to be fed up with being told everything you are doing is somehow a misstep.  Throughout the emo-rock track, we learn that this person struggles with defending herself against unwanted commentary and that she knows she deserves to live her life unapologetically.  Nearing the end, the song becomes an anthem for those who feel the same way as the listener is encouraged to reject these criticisms and just live.  With clever lyrics and catchy melodies, it is easy to put on replay.  It empowers and comforts while also getting out some frustration in the process.

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