When Heather Porcaro decided to jump back into music as her form of self-expression, she did so in a way that bends genre lines.  This is reflected in “Charleston”, a heavy tune that addresses the suicide of her cousin’s brother.  What makes it even more personal is that it was co-written by her cousin.  Together, they crafted a story that takes you through various moments of time, stopping along the way at the most crucial and captivating moments to tell their story.  For example, these stops may include heart shattering details about the final conversation that they had with the person who is no longer around.  More than just a journey through time, Porcaro does what she does best, giving a sprinkle of different genres.  This magic touch ties the entire project together, giving listeners jazz, pop, and even rock elements and an opportunity to dissect while listening.

When sitting down to listen to “Charleston” for the first time, you should be prepared for a heavy theme running throughout the track.  While heartbreaking and real, it offers a chance to reflect while also appreciating the musical complexities that Porcaro has to offer.

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