In his return to performing, Glenn Morrow put together a group of talented musicians to form a band, Glenn Morrow’s Cry for Help.  Out of that band comes a new album, 2.  For anybody yearning for more rock and roll in their lives, 2 is the perfect place to turn.  Filled to the brim with some answers to tough life predicaments and a way to move forward, the album is the perfect opportunity to just sit and be cozy while enjoying important stories and comforting melodies.  

A major theme throughout the album that creates this heartwarming feeling is simply the idea of moving forward.  Tracks like “Soul Hold” and “The Sun the Moon the Scars” are warm reminders that bad times don’t always have to stay that way.  The latter song provides a jazz-esque sound, making it one of the most memorable tracks.   There are also songs that fall more on the side of yearning for more, namely “Come Back”, “Watch it Burn” and “Other Side of the Dream”.  The group provides layers of emotion that truly represent what life can be like, sorrow mixed with some fun, making it a sobering and comforting experience.

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