With her new single “Moonlight”, Gillian Heidi proves to her audience that she has both the talent to impress vocally and the ability to draw you in with catchy chorus melodies and stunning metaphors.  What starts off as a gentle guitar strum and notes of insecurity turns into mid-tempo ballad about the feeling of security when looking into the eyes of somebody who shines light into your life.  This security is not uninterrupted for Heidi.  The track does not shy away from the fear that can still linger even in the most secure moments of our lives.  It actually does a magnificent job of highlighting that the fear of the unknown with this person can be a fulfilling, promising experience.  

In a stunning display of freedom, Gillian Heidi lets the world know loud and clear that she has the creativity to narrate a story that progresses from those starter nerves to a full-on prance around nature’s most beautiful displays.  All in all, she really is the one taking darkness and turning it into moonlight.

Tiffany Czech
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