Following the release of their first single off of their untitled 2021 album, Elder Island are allowing us to dive deeper into this upcoming world with their newest single “Small Plastic Heart”.  With a sound that stands out amongst the many different things we music lovers hear every day; the track proves to be the perfect teaser for anything this trio out of Bristol, England have to offer in the future.

Yes, this is a pop record.  However, the trio do well for their “electronic-pop” title.  With echoes of electronic synths, it is easy to say how simply fascinating all of the layers are.  At certain points in the song, these layers work together to create the feeling of anticipation for what might happen next in the story.  Of course, there may be some room for nuance, but the story being told has personal touches that linger throughout.  Regardless, Elder Island know how to not only capture attention, but they know how to keep us drawn in and ready for what is to come.

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