Upcoming singer-songwriter and Brooklyn-bred talent Daemes released her debut single back in November, but not to worry, there is still more to look forward to.  The video for the track is here and is every bit poetic and emotional as the song itself.  Cleverly, the video features old clips put together of Daemes’ grandparents, an illustration of their own love story and the one being sung about.  While doing so might have been a bit of a risk, it was a risk that resulted in a new life for the clips, one that hears the fullness of a synthesizer and darkness of a fall evening.  What all of this goes to show is that a love story doesn’t have to be confined to only one decade. 

While an initial listen to “Riptide” sounds like the present day, one watch of the visual reminds you that love and music can very much transcend time and go beyond when it was created, and what an ethereal experience that is.

Tiffany Czech