Rock/folk creative outlet Coma Girls, run by Chris Spino, is gearing up for an EP release next month.  To get us started, he is giving us a taste of the title track, “Skyboxer”.  In true rock fashion, the track is filled with guitar-heavy moments with sticky melodies and raw vocals.  It is the perfect modern rock song, utilizing the loudness that makes rock what it is while taking the best of what modern music has to offer and blending them into a cohesive whole.  Combine this with the stirring storytelling found in the lyrics and you realize Coma Girls has got it all.  A story of loving and losing being turned into an explosive rock tune tells us to stay on the lookout for what Spino plans on bringing next.

Spino says of the creative process of the upcoming EP: “We were able to explore each song differently but give it a common thread as well.  It’s supposed to take you places.  It’s more like a form of escapism.”

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