lulise, “taken”

lulise, “taken”

Recently, we had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with Lulise to chat for season 2 of our podcast. We have to wait until August to experience that gem, but for now we thought we’d bide some time and premiere her new single, if you’re into it. (Frankly, we don’t care what you think. But we’re pretty sure you’ll be keen on it too.) Get a dose of gorgeous vocals, a little bit of attitude, and a whole lot of relatability as Lulise croons about a love interest that she cannot pursue!

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model citizen, the next life

model citizen, the next life

Rock collective Model Citizen released their new album The Next Life this morning. The 18-piece band – under their leader Mark Ciani, with help from Josh Logan, Fernando Lodeiro, Alvaro Kapaz, Matt Musty, and Ryan Gleason – packed this release with as much grit and soul as possible, while injecting their own brand of indie-influenced rock into every track. Songs like “Hell Hath No Fury” and “The Next Life” give us pause to truly appreciate the breadth of the album, which was created to perfectly complement an evening breeze. Don’t believe us? We’re premiering it now, so check it for yourself!

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biglemoi, “permanent vacation”

biglemoi, “permanent vacation”

New Orleans-based indie rock quintet Biglemoi – expertly comprised of George Elizondo, Violeta del Rio del Castillo, Matthew Bigelow, Jeremy Marx, and Jonathan Arceneaux – croon their way into your souls with their single “Permanent Vacation”. Today, they add a music video for that track to the world, and we couldn’t be more smitten. As they each enter the frame, there is a sense of excitement. We soon realize we will be getting a simple, beautifully-shot glimpse at their live performance tactics, and immediately we feel like we have been transported to our backyard with close friends.

We’ve got the premiere. Check it out below!

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marielle kraft premieres “better without you” video, talks inspiration and bts

marielle kraft premieres “better without you” video, talks inspiration and bts

Today, indie pop songstress Marielle Kraft premieres the new music video for her enigmatic track “Better Without You”. As the viewer follows Kraft around, we see her singing next to tall windows, taking to the subway, and enjoying the sunshine. Her gorgeous vocals lead us along, as the emotion from the lyrics is palpable on her face. With each passing second, we allow ourselves to fall more deeply into this incredible soundscape.

Check out the new video below, followed by some words with Marielle, who gave us a behind the scenes look at the production process.

What songs/artists/feelings did you specifically draw from for “Better Without You”?

This song came from a place of finally wanting to move on, even when I didn’t feel ready. I had just moved back to Delaware, and was faced with so many difficult memories again from both a fully joyful and painful chapter of my life there. Instead of writing a sad or angry song about these wounds reopening, I chose to write about moving forward despite my past, and becoming a better version of myself. Instead of this being a typical breakup song, it became a self-empowering anthem for growth and independence.

In the production of the song, I drew from artists Lauv and Betty Who, both of whom write honestly but arrange their songs with hopeful pop beats. I wanted this song to be fun, even if it wasn’t fully “happy.”

You gave a TEDX talk on songwriting at Firefly Festival. Do you find that you tend to follow a pattern or specific process in your songwriting, or does it differ song to song?

Most of my songs are hashed out and finished on my bed or bedroom floor, but they all begin in different ways. Sometimes a lyric idea will hit me when I’m out with friends and I overhear an intriguing conversation, or when I’m on the road, or in the grocery store, or cooking a meal. I’ll jot it down in my phone notepad, or record a snippet of a melody as a voice note. Tons of lines and ideas are scattered throughout my phone, but only a handful end up taking shape as complete songs.

“Better Without You” was born from the simple iPhone note, “working on having more empathy” – which later became the opening line to the song once I sat down on my bed to revisit the idea a few days later.

Where did the idea for the video come from, and what was the production process like?

I worked with Mitchell Straub on this video, who is another young and driven dream-chaser in the arts industry. We wanted this video to reflect my difficult thought process of leaving behind heart-break to finding empowered independence. It would feature only me, reflecting on my past and future in different aesthetic environments: some more vacant (the empty warehouse, symbolizing the emptiness I felt leaving behind my past relationship, yet still letting hopeful light in through the windows), and some more vibrant (the green field representing growth, the city light representing new opportunities). Throughout the video, there are b-roll clips of me traveling around the city, via Subway and walking, meant to represent moving forward to something better despite the hurt. Filming lasted 2 days, and we shot in 8 different locations in and around Pittsburgh.

Any fun anecdotes from filming?

One shot we were determined to capture was the subway arriving, rushing past me as I waited to board. We waited on the platform for 15 minutes, only to miss the subway because it arrived on the opposite track. Then we waited again and other people obstructed the shot. Finally on our third attempt, we were set to nail it when the train rolled in at snail pace – the most anticlimactic arrival we could have ever imagined. It was hilariously lame. My hair didn’t whirl like we had envisioned, the sound didn’t roar, and we cracked up having tried so hard for one shot that simply wasn’t meant to be that way.

What environment can you imagine people listening to this track in? 

This track is a road trip windows-down, traveling to a better place song to belt on back roads or the highway. It’s a “I need to pick myself back up from my bedroom floor” track, too, and one to share alongside friends who encourage you to be the best version of yourself. I hope that wherever people listen, it makes them feel free.


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deify, “outta my league”

deify, “outta my league”

For fans of AC/DC, Shinedown, Green Day.

Get ready to have your speakers blown out – Deify’s electrifying rock ballad “Outta My League” is meant to be played at full volume, preferably while flooring it down a deserted highway. Deify, borne out of Seattle and comprised of brothers Duncan and Jared Byargeon, draw influence from 80’s stadium rock classics such as AC/DC, most notably in bluesy chord progressions and compressed drum fills. Blasting through fervent guitar solos and a snare that refuses to quit, this track is friend to headbangers and country-rockers alike.

While its gritty, boot-stomping vigor may seem well suited for your local dive, lyrically, the song is textbook pop. The chorus professes: “You’re the one…that I need, you’re the only person for me, here’s my heart, take the key”. The second half of the song brings with it a much-appreciated rattle of dynamic, as a wailing guitar solo increases in intensity before giving way into a mathy drum fill, before sending off into one final chorus.

Explains Duncan of the track:

Outta My League is a sonic mashup of our love for AC/DC and ZZ Ward. In college, I was going out with a woman that my friends dubbed way out of my league – and they liked to remind me as much as possible. As much fun as the jokes were, that’s something that really began to eat at me, and that insecurity certainly impacted the relationships for the worse.

This song explores the back-and-forth in my head, as I was head-over-heels for this woman, but “knew” deep down that I wasn’t good enough for her. Letting doubt into any relationship is the ultimate killer – and I knew once I felt this way it wasn’t going to last. However, I also couldn’t bear the thought of being the one to end it. So, this song is about the elation of the pursuit, while knowing the relationship was doomed from the start.

This single is the group’s newest work since their latest EP, five track compilation titled So Far Away. Deify will be touring through the West Coast Starting in August, beginning in Seattle.

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king ropes, “california stars”

king ropes, “california stars”

Psychedelic-laced rock band King Ropes releases their latest video today for their enigmatic track “California Stars” from Gravity and Friction, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere. Created by Keith Martinez and Dave Hollier, the video utilizes a large portion of found footage. It’s an exquisite reel, and we’re impressed with the quality of the footage, so many years after it was shot. Take a peek below!

clark flipped his hayrig into the river
lucinda singing trying to save his soul
i did some time there in the devil’s half acre
lucinda singing trying to save my soul
now i can’t shake the feeling i’m running out of time
i can’t shake the feeling i’m running out of time
becky left brooklyn a three time loser
setting her sights on those california stars
she got hung up here in the bitteroot valley
gave not one more thought to those california stars
those california stars they shine and shine
those california stars they shine and shine
becky’s still standing here in wild eyed wonder
at the land and the water and wide open skies
and all of the wrong turns that finally brought her here
to clark who left his mark on pipeorgan bridge
i can’t shake the feeling i’m running out of time
i can’t shake the feeling i’m running out of time
i can’t shake the feeling i’m running out of time
those california stars were yours
those california stars were yours
those california stars were yours and mine

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