fried monk, “welcome”

fried monk, “welcome”

The first track from Fried Monk‘s upcoming Hurry Up and Wait release, “Welcome”, has a trippy music video to accompany the cacophony of syllables . Shot through the streets of Philadelphia in cold weather, the video brings attention to a few key points that we might not otherwise be focusing on right now.

Having been in self-induced quarantine for weeks at this point, this video really makes me feel a little strange from the get-go. It’s simply the artist walking the streets of a well-known American city. It shouldn’t bring more than a passing thought to my mind in its simplest form. However, I feel nostalgic, yet scared of the idea of being outside where people could be. Conflicting thoughts, however an exploration of a world outside of yourself. And that’s important right now. Add in some layering effects, and you’ve got a video we can all ponder on.

nicole boggs and the reel, “i’m gonna break your heart”

nicole boggs and the reel, “i’m gonna break your heart”

Americana-rockers Nicole Boggs and the Reel are releasing their new single, “I’m Gonna Break Your Heart”, a self-aware confession from someone headed down the wrong path and only capable of reckless love. The single precedes the group’s upcoming EP, None of Your Business, a 70’s style rock n’ roll revival to be released in July of 2020.

The single features distorted bass and tight harmonies as Boggs powerfully navigates the honest track. Of the single, the front woman says, “As a songwriter, I’m always looking for a new approach to tell a story and it felt bold and empowering to tackle a subject I’ve only heard from male artists. I flipped the roles and had to get inside the heads of some dudes that screwed me over.”

A fiery guitar solo breathes additional life to the track, which retains all of the sweet grit from live performance due to the fact that it was (impressively) cut in front of a live studio audience at legendary Ocean Way studio in Nashville.

“I’m Gonna Break Your Heart” is available everywhere on April 24th and EP None of Your Business is to be released in July of 2020.

the color study, “open the windows”

the color study, “open the windows”

A welcome slice of warm levity, “Open The Windows”, the freshest release from Oregon-based project The Color Studyis what happens when The Microphones’ “The Glow Pt. 2” meets the demos from Hippo Campus’ latest album Bambi.

Beginning with sunny tambourine met by frontman Scott Oliphant’s chorused vocals, the indie-folk sweetness quickly launches into a dusty, lo-fi indie-punk banger marked by sleigh bells, muddy electric bass, and grounding bass drum as the only things rooting the sky-high dream back down to Earth. Oliphant welcomes the change of scenery, and perhaps the company, musing, “Invite all the ghosts that look inside at me / Open the windows and set them all free.”

Oliphant launched The Color Study in response to the sunset of a 16-year relationship – which makes “Open the Windows” all the more gratifying. Said the musician, “It was an incredibly tough time. I was living in my recording studio while trying to figure out which end was up. I threw myself into making something instead of passing the time doing what I was doing which was not very productive or healthy.”

With “Open The Windows”, Oliphant seems to be taking a deep breath of much-needed fresh air following a period of seclusion – A seclusion not unlike the process of self-recording his first releases as The Color Study, singles “Without” and “Dead Leaves”, both released in 2019. While The Color Study is a solo project, Oliphant is often joined by up to six other members for live performances, including Matt Jackson on bass and Andy Jacobs on drums.

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doubleplusgood, “northern lights”

Tomorrow, DoublePlusGood – expertly comprised of Erik Carlson (Singer/Writer), Shawn Michael Thornhill (Guitar), Cole Johnston (Drums), and Jacob Marsh (Bass) – releases their latest track, an otherworldly, slightly nostalgic somehow, song befitting of a true romantic. “Northern Lights” is equal parts dramatic and entirely soulful, intense and relaxing. It is very much like a very palpable, true romance, and we’re all in.

Get your first listen below with our exclusive premiere.

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marquee mayfield, “new drug”

marquee mayfield, “new drug”

Nashville pop outfit Marquee Mayfield (Who’s rumored to have been a country-pop industry plant in addition to an actual robot in his former life, stand by for debunking) is releasing their new single + music video on March 6th, and this one is GUARANTEED to drag you down memory lane.

Mayfield takes us into a pastel paradise via this majorly nostalgic music video inspired by none other than the 80’s own Miami Vice. While those familiar with Mayfield’s work are sure to recognize the 80s influence from his music, viewers are now treated to seeing his music vision come to life right in front of their eyes through the iconic staples of the era brought back for this video, and it’s sure to have them busting out their ‘Party’ fanny packs and neon-colored, geometric-printed windbreakers from back in the day. Roller-blading and polaroids and cassette players, oh my!

Be sure to check out this throwback inspired number for yourself via our exclusive premiere below and see how many 80s references you can spot, including but not limited to a particularly well-done tribute to Miami Vice’s own fashion icon Don Johnson. We see you Mayfield, and we’re here for it.

dewr, dream pop is over

dewr, dream pop is over

Indie-pop act DEWR, consisting of songwriter Brian Dawer, is set to release his new EP Dream Pop Is Over on January 31st.

This release differs from his past works because the EP shies away from the regular indie-pop formula. While DEWR’s previous releases seem cluttered and unorganized, Dream Pop Is Over, is anything but. 

This 5-song EP flows like a stream of consciousness giving Dewar the space to be honest.

Accompanied by swaying rhythms and dynamic changes, this EP is both unique and listenable. The opening track “Front Line” drops listeners into Dewar’s mind, and every song following continues this exploration. Through these 5 songs, listeners are exposed to Dewar’s inner turmoils as he comes to terms with the idea that you can’t have it all, and that life keeps moving forward.

The EP’s title feels like a play on words. While his other works fall victim to indie-pop tropes of being over digitally-enhanced, Dream Pop Is Over feels natural and organic.

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