alt-pop band wilmah brings levity with new single “wait until tomorrow”

alt-pop band wilmah brings levity with new single “wait until tomorrow”

Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Matt Connelly and bassist Will O Connor, Wilmah aims to make listeners think while simultaneously creating grooves to make them move. Blending blunt introspection in their approach to songwriting with some humor and multi-genre fusion, the band’s alt-pop sound attempts to make sense of life’s intricacies while retaining some uplifting vibes. Using the opportunity from the pandemic in creating new music, Wilmah returns with a growth in their sound that fully represents themselves as individuals. In succession to the romance and nostalgia based “Television ” and politically charged “Welcome to America”, their new single “Wait Until Tomorrow” aims to reach the psyche and spirits of their audience.

The track immediately hits with a burst of upbeat mix of acoustic and electric guitar licks with the rhythmic punch of 80s new wave-esque drums. The production of this song can automatically get one to think it is a breezy feel-good anthem, while the lyrics seem to tell a different story. As heard in the passionate hook “If you’re gonna break my heart, can it just wait until tomorrow”, Wilmah makes a plea to push off negativity for the time being to revel in temporary happiness. The juxtaposition of the single’s sonic bubbliness with its therapeutic subject matter makes for an interesting anthem that can comfort listeners while not sugarcoating their true feelings.

“Wait Until Tomorrow” drops on November 19th and check out Wilmah’s preceding singles.

brian straw sheds light on creative process with emotional new video for “out of doors”

brian straw sheds light on creative process with emotional new video for “out of doors”

The warm lighting found in a late-night destination illuminates Brian Straw’s face as the depth of his robust vocals fill the atmosphere. Emotionally charged single “Out of Doors” has been a long time coming, and today we have the pleasure of premiering its beautiful accompanying video.

Admits the artist of the song:

I carried “Out of Doors” around in my pocket for a couple years until I formed the band that ultimately helped me fully realize it. It was apparent to me after the first rehearsal that I had something special. It clicked. With the perfect combination of musicians the song just bloomed. I wanted the chorus to feel like a huge wave of intensity and for the verses to sit back and slowly unfold. I feel like we captured that by paying close attention to dynamics and flow. The words were a ton of work. I wanted the lyrics to emote the way the performance does. the words build along with the music and that was intentional. It was important to me that the music and words sit at the same table. 

It turns out that “Out of Doors” takes you on an audible adventure in just the way he had imagined. The music video simply serves to amplify the emotional journey the song takes you on. A kaleidoscope of colors ensues, as we follow Straw on what would otherwise be considered an (often) rather lonely journey, that of the creative mind. Expanding into the way the music video unfolded, Straw explains:

The story for the video developed organically while we were shooting. I intentionally didn’t want to put a storyboard together so we wouldn’t be locked into any formulaic approach. We cultivated each scene with a blank slate. The director, Ryan Girard, brilliantly diagnosed the meaning of the song when I myself was struggling with what the song meant to me. He estimated that “Out of Doors” was all about the struggle of the creative process. He was dead on and that’s effectively what the video captures. It’s an abstract window into my creative mind. 

We are thrilled to share a view into that creative mind. Get your first look at the incredibly thought-provoking video below.

The single is available to pre-save now.

hurrah a bolt of light gets morbid in new music video for an/animal 3

hurrah a bolt of light gets morbid in new music video for an/animal 3

Minneapolis-based rock band Hurrah a Bolt of Light returns with their new video for AN/ANIMAL 3, the single from their upcoming visual album AN/ANIMAL. With a style described as “pop music for sad people”, Hurrah blends rock, prog, ambient, and other genres to create a dense concept album in line as a return to form after the sugary polish of their last album. In a 16-minute music video spanning four tracks within segments, the album brings a cinematic experience combining atmospheric visuals with cryptic lyrics and a murky vibe. AN/ANIMAL 3 represents the darkest portion of the album’s narrative.

The track combines a visceral clash of garage-rock-inspired guitars with instrumental breaks reminiscent of progressive rock, spawning a beautiful yet eerie sound enhanced by its content centered on despair and death. The music video reflects its macabre vibe, featuring a man kidnapped and attempting to escape his captor, ultimately facing brutal consequences. The cinematography is a perfect complement to the song’s horror-esque tone with a sense of surrealism as the video’s events occur in a loop. Admits the artist of the track:

“An/Animal 3” is the third piece of the four part puzzle that is AN/ANIMAL. For this point in the story, I wanted to create a song that was frantic, frenetic, confrontational and wild. Key changes and mood shifts run amok, land, and then veer off elsewhere. The video mirrors those vibes as well and shows both the protagonist and antagonist in various states of distress and agitation that conclude with their violent meeting. The visuals only scratch the surface of what the story as a whole might mean. It’s a bit unclear on purpose.

I wrote the music and recorded nearly all the instruments for this song and AN/ANIMAL in general. Except for the drums and some keyboards because I am not that good at drums and some keyboards. This part of the movie was particularly difficult to film and execute because I had to a) be in my underwear for the majority of the film and b) be chased outside in late fall wearing said underwear. It was very cold.

Check out the premiere of the new video below and stay tuned for AN/ANIMAL, which is slated to drop in January 2022.

gabby holt releases remarkably poignant video for “at this table”

gabby holt releases remarkably poignant video for “at this table”

Although reflecting on past relationships can hurt like hell, it’s crucial when it comes to enduring and accepting the past on one’s road of self-discovery. Van Nelson Records artist Gabby Holt speaks of her journey through this process on her latest solo offering The Star & The Devil and has just released a more intimate look into her soul with the video for the track “At This Table.”

The ballad itself is gorgeous, with the Portland-based musician contemplating how she found her partner before ultimately confessing the affection she felt for them over a driving piano-driven arrangement and swells of nostalgia-soaked guitars.

Holt says that the inspiration behind this song and the album as a whole was looking back and admitting that she could not erase her past but instead embrace it. “I look at myself with almost child-like eyes, you know. That was the Gabby that was learning, that wanted to fix this situation. This was the part of me that was trying her best. It’s still giving voice to that part of me that was in it. It’s okay to be human…it’s a really human thing to feel that way.”

However, I cannot articulate enough how alluring the accompanying visuals are and how excellently they represent the abstract emotion behind Holt’s lyrics. They primarily follow the singer (sporting a vibrant pink mohawk) as she performs the song directly to her partner, whom she physically and emotionally connects with throughout, while also intermittently playing at a piano and singing in front of a barren beachside. 

While this might sound rather simplistic on paper, it comes off as being remarkably poignant and manages to capture the relatability of the entire situation as a whole. Watch the video directed, shot, and edited by Joshua Rivera below!

vonnie kyle piles on the theatrics in new music video for “imperfect parts”

vonnie kyle piles on the theatrics in new music video for “imperfect parts”

Vonnie Kyle just released her newest music video for her newest single, “Imperfect Parts,” and it has such a cinematic edge to it! The feel of the video was almost theatrical, but in the best way. The video itself mixed with the vibe of the song, created this cinematic type of music video, and I really enjoyed that.

The video managed to tell a story really well. From the beginning when she is first looking into the briefcase to the different objects making an appearance throughout different parts of the video, it all flowed really nicely together. “Imperfect Parts” is also very aesthetically pleasing. I really liked the lighting that was used as Kyle was playing the instruments, as well as the scenes that took place in nature. I particularly liked the part where she is walking through the greenery, it looks so beautiful. It was really amazing that she was shown playing the instruments that are featured on this track in the video! It adds something to the music video and even shows a different part of her musical talents.

Of the song, Kyle admits:

I wrote Imperfect Parts when I fell in love with my best friend. The timing was awful, to be honest; my marriage had just failed, Covid had just started hitting the US, and I was still trying to figure out where the hell I was even going to live. I was still punishing myself daily for having married the wrong person and then letting them down. I hadn’t processed any of this, yet there I was on the phone with this other person, every single night for hours on end, somehow feeling for once like I actually did deserve some sort of joy. I hadn’t felt real joy in years. I had been a shell of a human constantly making compromises to avoid facing a harsh reality, which was that I had been living a life I didn’t belong in. 

This song wasn’t going to be on the record, originally. I had already written the whole thing and had no plans to add to it. One night though, I was sitting on the floor of my practice space after a long phone call with the person who is now my partner, and this whole song just sort of fell out of my brain. It didn’t take long to realize this was going to be the title track. It perfectly summed up all of the challenges that the whole record represents, and that’s self-forgiveness, acceptance and moving onward.

So, if you can’t get enough of Portland native, Vonnie Kyle, make sure to check her out and keep up with her upcoming releases.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Joshua Rivera (Rollstars Productions)
Produced by Joshua Rivera (Rollstars Productions) and Vonnie Kyle

outstandingly synergistic duo winterlark premieres new ep when i saw you stranded there, the perfect soundtrack to easygoing settings

outstandingly synergistic duo winterlark premieres new ep when i saw you stranded there, the perfect soundtrack to easygoing settings

Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Sweeney E. Schragg and bassist/vocalist Kristin Olson, Santa Cruz-based Jazz/Folk duo Winterlark unveils their new EP When I Saw You Stranded There on October 8th. Their union as a duo comes from a perfect storm of synergies, with Sweeney’s prior work as a creative writing instructor and Kristin’s experience working at a small business. Both members complement each other with the ingenuity and tenacity needed for chemistry as musicians. To shape Winterlark’s mishmash of folk, bossa nova, and soul, Kristin took note from her experiences listening to bluegrass, R&B, and pop with family and performing classical music from college, while Sweeney borrowed from his beginnings as a rock n roll guitarist and jazz composition student. The duo shares: 

“The music on this album is two people bantering, laughing, ruminating, sparring, and liking each other,” Kristin says. Sweeney notes: “It has been a long time since I’ve written songs with anyone. It’s a dream to work with someone I respect both musically and poetically.” Kristin adds: “I laid down my bass years ago, but the timing in my life enabled me to get back into it. Winterlark has also encouraged me to become a songwriter which I’d never thought I would do.”

The EP provides a perfect soundtrack to easygoing settings, such as a scenic drive along a coastal road or a morning hike through a forest trail. The acoustic soundscape reinforces its cinematic nature as the duo performs with a playful and reassuring chemistry, drawing inspiration from their progression from friends into a couple. This is especially evident in the “Make a Mess With Me”, a flirtatious yet humorous track with the lyrics, “The 14th of June, “Sorry ’bout the screen door,”/Was the first thing she had to say./Off came the gloves, kind of like a prom dress./Guess it had been that kind of day”. Another highlight is “If I Could Put my Finger on Your Pulse”, showing yearning through Sweeney’s pondering on whether his heartbeat comes from his partner’s touch or his wooing. A particular standout is the politically charged closer “Rage (Privilege Comes Apart)”, a commentary on racial injustice with vocals delivered in an angrier tone and the lyrics “Never wanna watch another black or brown reduced to just a name”.

Sweeney:  “Our EP, When I Saw You Stranded There, features songs about zany beginnings—in a La La Land style traffic jam, on a veranda where smokers laugh, through a broken screen door.  Having come together in our own zany beginning, that’s where our fictional storytelling first took Kristin and me.”

Kristin:  “This EP gives a glimpse into the dynamic of two really good friends, who kid each other, bounce ideas around, and skeptically consider the world.  Sweeney and I spend time everyday throwing words and music back and forth.  Whether the story that emerges is our reaction to persistent injustice, as in the song “Rage (Privilege Comes Apart),” or a complete, sassy fiction, as in the title track, it is this back and forth that gives each song its unique energy.”

Sweeney:  “Producer Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Music recorded our uncluttered duo—upright bass, Lowden acoustic guitar, and vocals—in the Extended Sound Environment that she has developed, capturing the live in-studio performance of each song, unvarnished, tonally rich, quirks intact.”

When I Saw You Stranded There drops on all streaming platforms October 8th.