When a French artist teams up with a British rapper, a bilingual, chart-topping, a smash like “Plus Jamais” (which translates to “Never Again” in English) is likely to ensue.  To make matters even more exciting, the duo just dropped the spinning video that accompanies the track, which shows the two artists alone in separate rooms struggling to come to terms with the end of a relationship but recognizing that it is probably the best thing to do.  Throughout the entire thing, both of them work to recognize the importance of getting up and moving on but find it to be a daunting challenge.  While one seems to be experiencing regret in giving so much of herself to the relationship, the other is worried that she will find love elsewhere.

With clever artistic choices throughout, the “Plus Jamais” visual is a must-see.  It is easy to see why the track has had the success that it has.  Not only does it combine two powerful stars and two languages, but it also tells a story using vulnerabilities and frustrations on top of a sentimental instrumental.  “Plus Jamais” is an all-encompassing feels trip. 

Nakamura says of collaborating with Stormzy: “I was so honored Stormzy said ‘yes’ immediately. I was especially interested in his distinct singing voice. I wanted him to bring that sweetness to the track.”

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