The video for Ane Brun’s track “Crumbs”, from one of her two newly released albums “After The Great Storm” (the other is How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow), is a brilliant showcase of emotions.  Each scene is a carefully woven story of pain and love and the lessons that come along with both.  While some scenes show us the seemingly picture-perfect life of a happy family enjoying the company of one another, the heartbreaking truths are revealed beyond the smiles and the laughs.  Various cuts to the picture of unhappiness and yearning create a sobering reminder that there is more than meets the eye.  The very last shot offers a glimpse of hope that we can still find our way to feeling content and filled with joy somewhere down the line.

Brun says of the new albums:

Even though I wrote most of them before this whole pandemic started, I feel they all have a message that fits the situation we’re in: frustration over the state of the world, how to grieve for a loved one, existentialism, love, relationships, loneliness, inner struggles, sleepless nights…I guess they’re just about being human.

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