For anybody needing comfort on a dreary fall day, singer-songwriter ALIX has you covered with her new album, Feel Better.  Filled with whimsical sounds splashed with springtime melodies, Feel Better is a collection of songs about feeling free despite some of the curve balls life throws at you.  

“Easy Living” takes you on a trip to sunny California with a list of things that bring her the most joy.  With a vibrant guitar riff, it has earned its place as the album’s opener.  “Golden” is both one of the catchiest and happiest songs.  It serves as a celebratory anthem that gives the green light for you to feel content about the place you have arrived at in your life.  It can even be a pep talk.  Just like life, Feel Better doesn’t come without its share of gripes.  “Let’s Leave”, with the Los Angeles based pop group, 1323, offers the perspective of somebody begging to leave the party she is at to find something more worth her time.

ALIX has delivered an album about feeling content with love and life.  Whether it is wishing a past love well like the NEZZA assisted “Good”, or finding someone who makes you happy like on “Satisfied”, Feel Better promises to be your companion through it all.  ALIX says of the feel of the album: “I wanted to keep the sounds light, comforting and positive to symbolize a lifestyle I want to be dedicated to. But I wanted to include the humanity of needing to talk through feelings and turn frustration into constructive growth.”

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