“Show me the magic” is the single release of an E.P. soon coming from Aja Warren. The epic theatrical intro sets the scene with a soft synth and graciously applied strings. As the mountain conquering intro leads the way into bass strings and strong vocals the goosebumps begin to swell and that hair on the back of my neck started to stick upright all I can say is, Wow.
“Show me the magic” slides from this soft power into a really driving impactful chorus in full symphonic surround sound. While the vocals could be the leader in this instance, it’s appealing that it’s perfectly mixed and that there is no leader, it’s all or nothing. “Show me the magic” instills that feeling right before you give up and ask one more time, give me what you got if there is really something there. It’s sad but with hope. Soft and powerful.
Aja has a voice. A really compelling voice that delivers emotion on a scale that reaches into your chest. I’m gonna say if you cant feel it, you likely have no soul. This is Tori Amos talent minus the obscure lyrics. “Show me the magic” has delivered a high that you actually have to come down from. It’s just so chilling how expressive Aja projects her voice.
This music belongs in a theater of the utmost elegance and backed by a gracious symphony. If listening at home, I recommend a calm candlelit environment, some flashy satin sheets, red and black would be ideal, and that perfect bottle of wine.
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