immigration unit, sofa heroes

immigration unit, sofa heroes

Immigration Unit – formed in April 2017 – is comprised of four musicians that are sporadically located between Basel, Torino, Geneva, and Caracas. In such a short amount of time, they are already independently releasing their debut EP Sofa Heroes on June 29th, 2018.

This premiere – which we are hosting exclusively – will absolutely shake your soul to its very core.

Let’s get this straight. I’m not telling you to go out an do drugs. You don’t need to. Save your money. “Immigration Unit” is not only the drug itself, they are the trip, the atmosphere, the sights, and the sounds. Their brand of experimental psychedelic alternative unpredictably teases and borderlines loungey, intense, melodic stoner rock. In a way they’re comparable to Beck, but less spastic. Way less spastic. You could actually chill to Immigration Unit even though there are at times just so many sounds and things going on.

The title track, “Sofa Heroes” is subtly electronic and dreary. Its start may seem abrasive and noisy but just wait. The bass line has an off-key groove while the vocals just slowly weave in and out. From a spoken word to an overdriven noisy pre-chorus. Capturing every emotion the way a year holds 4 changes of season.

“Wasting Mornings” travels an unknown winding road. Anticipatingly frightening as without warning turning the corner and sustaining a bumpless cruising speed. Unblemished vocals radiate so delicately. being accompanied by a droning silky smooth guitar line. The only predictable aspect of “Immigration Unit” is their unpredictability. as another abrupt change from subtle becomes overtaken by a drab tone that sees the vocals evolve like the wind commanding the storm to commence.

The remixed version of “Sofa Heroes” hesitantly departs from the trippy original and has a much darker texture. A trap beat is later consumed by an almost industrial feel with the utilization of thicker electronics and dirty percussive sounds.

Overall the EP is a manic mix of an unmedicated rollercoaster, This has got to be one of the better releases I’ve heard this year. Why? Well, it’s original. It’s obscure. It’s not thrown together. It literally has a directional purpose and allows you to travel with it.

Get all the details about the official release of Immigration Unit, “Sofa Heroes” by visiting their website and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook.

the rareflowers give us a twofor

the rareflowers give us a twofor

The Rareflowers have defined the beauty in true love and the how we often take it for granted when we feel comfortable. Its only after the fact when they are gone that you realize how it really kicks in the intensity of loss and being alone.  Don’t worry guys, with indie sensitive songs like “New Generation” you won’t be alone for long.  With a clean, heart on sleeve delivery this band consisting of brothers Jimmy (guitar, vocals)) and Kane Maraday (bass) and Aaron Gollubier (drums) will be releasing their self-titled debut E.P. June 29th, 2018 via Good Eye Records. Formed in 2013 The Rareflowers trio from New Brunswick, NJ, has not 1 but 2 singles released thus far giving us a little insight into what to expect from the E.P. Not to mention plans are already in the works for a full-length album.

“New Generation” is overall a warm sing-along style song that begins rather romantically.

The band commented on the song by saying, ” You’ll give your best self at the beginning of a relationship. In time, things will change, but never enough to make you forget why you loved that person in the first place.” It’s a sad and beautiful truth as is the single as it sways in a gentle motion of down picking and up picking of the guitar.

The first single “Shake” is slowly paced but not a dramatic ballad. The chorus is where the tempo picks up and gives a little of a Tom Petty vibe. Semi-folkish with a modern alternative touch. The vocals are soulful in their expression and delivery while the melody is as charming as a prom date in the perfect attire opening the door for his lady. The midsection offers a psychedelic strum before continuing the journey down a desolate path with cries of “Baby.”

While the band looks young in pictures they have a very defined and mature sound that makes it seem hard to believe this is their debut. They have captured all the elements needed to get more than just a listen and nod. Subtle verses that tell a story, catchy hooks in the chorus lines that make it stick in your memory and of course that alternative indie appeal. The production value is clear and makes each instrument shine while the vocals have a hall style verb giving it full spectrum surround in the forefront. The honesty in lyric writing and musical integrity will be a surefire with the ladies too.

Once you give it a listen and they win you over you can keep up with them on their Facebook page.

lolaa release debut e.p. en español

lolaa release debut e.p. en español

Lolaa, consisting of Toronto-based sisters Lex Valentine & Nadia Valerie King will release a Spanish version of their debut EP on June 8th. The musical project allows the sisters to explore their Mexican heritage, taking inspiration from Latin American 80’s pop music. The EP is a soulful approach with Latin-inspired instrumentation. Similar to that of Gloria Estefan minus the pop American influence and hiding the cultural percussion in the background. Lolaa puts them in the forefront and the result is a feel good, twilight, dancing in the streets fiesta.

“Lola” – the song bearing the proper spelling of the band’s namesake, meaning “Lady of Sorrows” – sways slowly in a gentle breeze accompanied by impactful and heartfelt vocals. While the verses are sung solo and with minimal instrumentation the chorus is filled out by an overlay of vocals giving it a thicker, meatier, stronger delivery. “Cancion 6” has a passionate vibe and produces a lot of warmth. Taking some influence from a 70’s disco ballad with a swaggering groove, intense pre-chorus vocal melody that leads the way for a full-on Pop anthem chorus. I have no clue what they are saying, but I feel the need to sing along. Maybe I will make up my own words. Could be fun.

Thus far Lolaa is bringing the synth-pop and danceable rhythms even during the slower paced songs. Embracing all the emotions in life and creating a sound that despite the mood or event, you can dance. “Barricada” demonstrates an almost haunting calling. While the beat boasts a Casio powered hi-hat and a simplistic stock snare kick combination the vocals definitely take the bull by the horns. I think this track could easily be even more dramatic and impactful a cappella aside from the ending with the comforting sound of an old music box. While none of the tracks are high energy they maintain a joggers pace and are in the key of motivation and are cinematically dramatic, the key of each song designed to appeal directly to the heart of your emotions.

Lolaa has a unique sound as you can definitely and obviously pick up on the Latin influence, as these tracks are En Espanol, but the music itself has a fusion of American pop, latin and old-school instruments, Canadian imagination and an immense of amount of passion. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from checking them out. You don’t need words to express an exact message. Tone and delivery will impact you just the same. A video premiere for the single “Espiritu” has been released via Nylon Espanol to hold you over until the E.P. is released.

Tour Dates
July 12th Coney Island Baby at 8 pm New York, NY
August 4th Handlebar’s at 8 pm Toronto, ON

Keep up with Lolaa here.


goon, “choke throat”

goon, “choke throat”

Founded in 2013, this up and coming L.A. alternative indie rock band Goon is celebrating their recent singing to Partisan Records. Success is coming quickly for these guys and the reason why is easy to grasp. Their latest single “Choke Throat” plays like a soundtrack to a suspended gaze to the skies. Vocalist Kenny Becker has said the song revolves around a surgery to correct a sinus condition and the after effects that followed. A feeling of throat closure led to what we get to hear as “Choke Throat”.

Starting out with an acoustic sway “Choke Throat” is joined by vocals that echo down a long hall and drone with melancholic subtleties. What has started as sad converts into eerie as sounds in reverse are inserted and a percussive sound picks up the pace and ads texture. The gentle abstract sway also features a touch of saxophone that progressively rises from the distance and takes center stage. If joined by an orchestra the song would have taken the direction of cinematic, the use of the saxophone takes the mood to a jazz induced eye opener. If I hadn’t told you what the song was about, the music alone would make it sound like a more introspective moment about the pondering of life. “Choke Throat” is one of those songs that can be interpreted in many different ways. A benefit of this is that it will affect many people as they will take what they need from it. When the chorus section becomes more full and robust the song doesn’t seem so sad. It feels like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Partisan will be re-printing Goons two self-released E.P.’s Dusk of Punk and Happy Omen, pre-orders are being taken now and are set to ship out July 13th. You can secure your copy, which will also feature “Choke Throat”, through the band’s Bandcamp page and more order details can be found on their website. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook. 

If you happen to reside in one the town Goon will be touring, defiantly grab some tickets as they are one of the few “must see” bands that are rising fast. This could be a rare opportunity to see them in a smaller environment before they end up arena giants.

July 13th – Brooklyn, NY
July 15th – Washington, DC
July 16th – Richmond, VA
Jul 21st – Dallas, TX

let’s be “clear” with michael kight

let’s be “clear” with michael kight

Michael Kight grew up in Dublin, Georgia, playing guitar since age 12. Influenced by Motown and Elvis as a child, he later came into his own inspired by the sounds of 90’s R&B. Always having a deep-rooted passion for music, he moved to Nashville and played with several musicians as well as took up producing. Wanting to break out and establish himself he auditioned for The Voice. Before auditioning for The Voice, he played guitar for Season 3 artist Amber Carrington. Now it’s his time to shine and front the show with his single, “Clear”, and we have the exclusive premiere. Here is the scoop on the sound of the new single.

“Clear” begins like a true R&B hit. Smooth and soulful vocals with soft jazz keys. As the intro transitions to verse joining the mix is a laid-back hip-hop beat and a slow romantically grooving bass line. Michael has a great mid-range voice that may throw some listeners as he sounds extremely ethnically cultured. He can also hit those high notes without any breaks, shakes, or vocal strain. Pre-chorus he is accompanied by reverse synth notes,  finger snaps, and excellently placed vocal overdubs. The bass and drum find perfect harmony as they pump and pulsate like a beating human heart. It’s a deep punch as they strike, but it’s not overpowering to the song. It’s the right amount of slow jam and subwoofer teasing bass.

While the lyrics are semi-romantic asking a girl to be clear in her intentions, it’s pretty clear she caused a little damage. Enough to question if it was real, to begin with. It’s a real question as he states “even if hurts.” The midsection has a creative synth replicating jazz horns. The build is subtle and the song comes back in in a way that is refreshing. Allowing the music to be felt before slowly fading away.

It’s been made very clear that Micheal Kight has the vocal range, instrument and producer skill, a lot of experience in the background and is now ready to take and own center stage.

Find more details on his website and don’t forget to follow him on Facebook for more.