On Introspects of a Psycho, Massachusetts-born artist, 30, successfully combines rap and hip-hop with pop to tell stories about being human amidst the societal constructs we face.  When it begins, we hear “Your Skin Crawls”, a sort of pick-me-up that serves to reassure his person of their beauty.  As the guitar soothes, the melody moves.  “Lost in Colorado” feels like a diary entry of a cross country road trip stretching from Ohio to Colorado.  It seems to be a goodbye of sorts, though he continues to describe the sights he sees to the person who may be bidding goodbye to.  The groove picks up with “I Kinda Like How Your Father’s Fist Feels on My Face”, a track that features an electric guitar and creates the perfect late-night vibe, dimmed lights and all.  The final track, “Ms. Uncomfortable (Stripped)”, slows everything back down again, bringing everything full circle, which tells the story of a girl who seems unsure of herself, a call-back to the first track on the album.

The Introspects of a Psycho feels emotional and vulnerable, every track exceeding the next.  It supplies a song to satisfy any mood one could be in, and tells a compelling narrative along the way.

Tiffany Czech
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