Local Kansas City punk rockers You Monster You are celebrating Halloween early with the visuals for their new single “Downtown,” the latest from the band’s upcoming album Not Dead Yet, due sometime next year. The release is the third of twelve self-produced tracks they plan on releasing bi-monthly throughout 2021 and 2022. 

They declared the song as a love letter to their past when they filled concert halls and bars with their sweeping, breakneck energy and a rallying cry to the future when everyone can reclaim these safe spaces from the pandemic. It’s a stark departure from their last two singles, “Iron” and “Grip,” both of which portray the hardships of enduring the lockdown period for the past year, as it’s instead what the quartet looks forward to and perhaps previously took for granted. 

The video perfectly encapsulates the meaning behind its source material, presenting frontman Trent Munsinger as a vampire scouring an assortment of dark corridors for his prey inside of a unique and relatively unknown location in the heart of Kansas City.

Union Station has a third floor that wraps around the building and was used to house soldiers in times of war as well as sporting several bullet holes from the 1950 Kansas City Massacre. Today this historic space is one of the nation’s largest graffiti galleries! The walls and long halls are covered with ever-changing artwork from local KC street artists; giving them a safe place to practice their craft while the rest of the time, it is rented out for thrilling laser tag parties under the name ‘Survive KC.’ It blows our mind that this place is hiding right above us in Union Station, so we saw it as an opportunity to make a charming and campy tale of revenge in a spooky corner of Kansas City that many are completely unaware of.

“Downtown” is available to stream on your favorite platforms today.

Richard Andrus