Alt-pop singer-songwriter Sailing Stones drops new album Polymnia. The album has circles around romantic innocence and longing set in uncertainty.

“Fire Escape”, the last single released before the release of the album. The track is a love song watching one lose that comfort of innocence. Even with harsh words like “fire that rages for days”, the song itself is a gentle story of surrendering to love. The idea of letting go of that innocence and letting love take over is full of complex emotions but also simple ones. “Fire Escape” is a reminiscent take on a story of love that makes you feel “both broken and alive”

“Comfort”, is a song about coming to terms with your mistakes when it comes to love, but how you still seek the comfort a relationship brings. With opening words “I’m tired” we see from the start that Lindfor is introducing a subject tired of the love routine they are putting themselves through. However we see the struggle the subject faces by wanting to stop old habits but being pulled back in because it’s what they know.

What makes Polymnia special is Jenny Lindfors ability to combine mixed emotions that are sometimes contradictory, into her songs with ease.

Kendal Chandler