Rising newcomer Dylan, introduces herself with debut single “Good Enough,” an edgy piece of pop music. The song focuses around the idea of people, or exes making you feel less than, and realizing they are wrong and you are going to prove that. It’s emotional and even with a high-energy undertone it is still one that will get you screaming the lyrics.

The music video is simple. It showcases Dylan performing backlight by a line of lights, when the chorus hits the lights start to flash. The flashing helps to highlight the uptick of the instrumentation in the chorus compared to the rest of the song. Each time before the chorus hits there is a small pause preceding.

The video showcases Dylan as a performer, a possible glimpse of how she will look onstage. She plays with the emotional weight of the song and expresses that through face and gestures towards the camera.

“Good Enough” gives an introduction to Dylan, her music style, and her song-writing style. The track makes you want to hear more from her and see where she can go with her music.

Kendal Chandler