Flemish musician Glints has just released new single “Minimum Wage” as a precursor to his debut album which is set to release next month. The track is another knock-out rhyme-attack, a no-holds-barred hard grime infused slap-in-face track, showing again a different side of Glint’s talent. Of the track, Glints says:
Minimum wage is a track for all the people that struggle to pay their rent. For everyone who knows the feeling of not being able to pay their groceries at the register, to then lie about how they’re going to the bank to withdraw money, only to never return to that supermarket. An ode to the rat in our hallway that we used to call Ratatouille. For everyone working dead-end jobs, trying to make something of themselves. Because the end of the month is a son of a bitch.

“Minimum Wage” and Glints’ debut album, CHOIRBOY, are now out everywhere.

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