Electro-pop trio Cheat Codes have recently dropped a video for their new feel-good single “On My Life”. Since their formation in LA, the band has racked up some impressive stats with over 4 billion streams to date and collabs with everyone from Fetty Wap to Demi Lovato. Their newest track, upbeat and bright in all its glory,, serves as a temporary escape from reality while the video features a charming montage of the band’s early life.

The video goes all the way back to the beginning, showcasing adorable first piano lessons and garage band days and leading up to present day, offering more depth and insight into the band’s past and letting fans feel more connected to them and their story. Viewers get a glimpse into the boys’ rapidly escalating life, watching them grow up and then live out their dreams. A collage of life, the heart-warming video is dedicated to the group’s late manager while also shedding light on their journey. In a statement, the band said “It’s important to take a minute and reflect on your journey every once in a while to appreciate the small things and realize how lucky we all are. ‘On My Life” tells a little bit of that story for us”.

“On My Life” is available now wherever you like to watch and listen.

Madi Toman