Indie-folk singer Emily Keener releases new single “Do You Love Me Lately?” just days before Valentines Day. The song depicts how fragile love can be and how love is full of fear and vulnerability. Her voice, accompanied by a retro-influenced groove, creates a fantasy feeling.

Fantasy is what built this song, when Keener imagined what it would be like to date a woman. Letting go of her self-censoring and doubts. A theme that is encompassed throughout her upcoming album I Do Not Have to Be Good, set to be released in May.

“Do You Love Me Lately?” is structured in a way that sets the stage for the main album theme, of being free. Chorus and verse sway between resistance and wishfulness. Resistance what she was raised not to be and wishfully reached to defy them.

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Kendal Chandler

Kendal Chandler

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