While SXSW 2024 was too fast and too wild for many of us, Montreal-based duo DVTR – expertly comprised of Demi Lume and Jean-Cimon Tellier – kept us guessing during their fun takeover. Always ones to engage an audience, we deeply enjoy their humor and urge you to go see them live. For now, do everything you can to learn everything you can about them. We were lucky enough to have Tellier answer a few post-fest questions for us, below.

You always have such fun takeover topics planned. What made you choose your approach this year, and ultimately sharing free things you acquired?

We love free stuff and there’s a lot of free stuff usually at SXSW so you know, we didn’t have to think a lot. At first, we wanted to film ourselves doing an escape room thing downtown but it was too expensive. Then we wanted to do like an alligator tour thing but it was too expensive. So we chose the free stuff.

What was the BEST free thing you got during your stay in Austin? 

All the free shows everywhere all the time, we mean, that’s better than free Coca Cola.

You encountered Nobro during your takeover. What was that experience like?

Meeting Nobro was not that big of a deal because we see them all the time in Montreal. An ok experience overall.

[laughing] Well, it was exciting for viewers! What a thrill, to be part of such a creative community! What was the best food you ate at SXSW?

So we tried to go to Franklin’s BBQ one morning but holy shit we had to wait 4 hours outside. So we went to Micklethwait BBQ, waited 0 minutes, and had the best meat ever. Much better plan. 

Any highlight moments from your showcases?

We don’t remember anything. It all went too fast, too late, too much booze and whatnot, so we were too fucked up most of time. So no highlights, no.

Well, our highlight was absolutely your takeover. (Sorry, it’s the truth!) What else is coming up for you? 

We’re going to the UK and France in a couple of weeks for a tour. Can’t wait to see if they’re more troublemaking people than peeps in Texas. We love troublemaking gents.


Keep up with charming duo DVTR here. (And check out their archived takeovers and reels on our Instagram!)

Meredith Schneider