Under the name Dead End Career Club, Canadian native Ryan Kennedy drops newest single “Cooler Than Me”. Neo-grunge and garage punk, on this newest track.

This 90s infused fuzz-pop track creates a simple melody leaving the focus on what the song itself has to say. “Cooler Than Me” is about Kennedy recognizing that everyone has done something that scares him, and that being cool is deeper than just the surface.

This track fixates on the “cool” or what society says is cool. When in a weird juxtaposition, listeners hear what we know as cool may not be so cool after all.

Keep up with Dead End Career Club here.

Kendal Chandler

Kendal Chandler

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Kendal is a Senior Communications undergrad who has been involved in music to some capacity over the last 2 years. Involvement includes working at a local underground venue, writing for a music publication, and working at her college radio station as the Music Director.
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