cole gallagher’s the confluence is a mellifluous and stunning, yet understated, collection of tracks perfect for the change in season

cole gallagher’s the confluence is a mellifluous and stunning, yet understated, collection of tracks perfect for the change in season

The song “Lines in the Sky”, which starts Cole Gallagher’s EP, The Confluence, has a soft sound. It makes you feel like you are at the beach, as he compares the person in his song to the sea. Emotions of excitement flow through the song, expressed through high notes. He is truly enjoying a fun time with this person at the sea.

As I contemplate more, I realize the sea is also a metaphor for his dreams being as vast as the sea when he is with this person, as they make him believe he can do anything he wishes. He is living in a world that is twisted, expressed through his voice. Deep and raspy, it captures emotions of anger, freedom, and pain, in a melody that flows smoothly and makes you feel like you releasing all of your emotions into the world. As he lets go of all his pain and anger, he finds that freedom is hard when you do not have the person you relied on to encourage you to see your dreams as vast as the sea. 

As Gallagher sings the song “Stumbling in the Dark”, he goes through emotions of struggling to impress the person he is singing about. He believes he cannot live up to their expectations of how to act, and who to be. Despite feeling he cannot be his true self, he follows this person because he loves them too intensely to emotionally leave them. She is the only girl he will ever truly love. He is desperately searching for her so he can look into her eyes again. He is unsure how to show her that he cares about her forever and he hopes that her life is free of pain and worries, as he expresses by singing that he hopes the skies are blue for her. 

During “Delilah”, the listener discovers the name of the person the lyrics to his EP has been flowing about. Delilah’s joy is his joy too, because her emotions are connected to how he feels. They are like a string, so when he or Delilah gets pulled or twisted a certain way, they are impacted by each other’s emotions. As expressed in his lyrics, his heart is open to her eyes, because he is open to looking deep into her soul and understanding life from her perspective. His heart will beat to her emotions and what she goes through in life. 

In Cole’s song “Chatting Through Steal”, he struggles that his dreams have been packed up by people refusing to believe in him, and rejecting him. It is melancholic and contemplative, stirring pause in its listener.

In “Sugarland”, the melody intertwines as words enter this song, with emotions of helplessness. He wonders about what it would be like to see beyond the fields he lives in. Loneliness overwhelms him and he feels trapped in the fields. Hope fills his soul as he watches the bluebirds flying in the sky and “the flames rise up,” as articulated through these descriptive lyrics. 

“The Ocarins of the Tennessee” starts with a slow, calming melody. As he is floating away, he continues to keep the attachment of this person whom he loves in his heart, vowing to never forget the sound of their voice. The sound of this person’s voice brings him both comfort and grief. He compares this person’s voice to the sounds of the sea because the sea is where he has had many memories with them. His heart is floating away with this person in his mind and away from this person in reality. At the end of this song, his high notes repeat in a steady flow in a pattern, capturing the emotions of being content with this person at the sea and the pain of losing them. 

jean ryden’s new video for “parallel universe” is heartbreaking and impactful

jean ryden’s new video for “parallel universe” is heartbreaking and impactful

In Jean Ryden’s music video for her song “Parallel Universe”, Jean desperately wants the trauma of losing her parents to have never occurred. In the beginning of the song, she replays images of her parents in her mind in black and white, because her past is like an old movie; the happy moments with her parents are covered with feelings of dread. All the color has been depleted from her memories because new movies are symbolic of new, happy memories with her parents being formed. In comparison, the old movies symbolize her happy memories as only in the past

Jean lays in her bed and leans her head to the side, which reflects when she would lean on her parents for support. She is alone in the bed because after her parents passed away, she felt alone and like she had nobody to lean on for support. The camera zooms in on a close-up image of her eyes while she lays in her bed because her eyes are her pathway to all of the loneliness she feels inside. 

Color film of a garden with beautiful roses of different shades and a white bird flying above it is representative of her healing from her grief and finding peace. To elaborate, the bird symbolizes her flying because she is freeing herself from the black and white space of her grief. 

Images lasting for a few seconds, all of her memories can never be remembered in complete detail, but the most important details remain engraved. The colored images represent her purely happy memories, the black and white images are symbolic of her memories remembered in sadness or trigger her grief, and the partially colored images are memories she is remembering to heal from her grief and sadness.

The same image of her alone, opening and closing her eyes, leaning her head against a wall, in a vacant room, occurring for a few seconds, repeatedly, shows her constant despair. She shuts off all of her memories with or of her parents because she goes into a state of depression, which she is constantly battling to escape from. 

The video ends with her sitting in a dark room with candles and a black sky lit with bright stars. Images are played in quick seconds against Jean’s soft, melodic voice, which has a deeply sad tone on its edges along with hints of desperation. Her voice also has another tone, that feels like she is going through feelings of clarity. 

Once she repeats her memories filled with many different emotions, she must admit that the reality is her parents are in heaven. Therefore, her memories are a “parallel universe.”

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

The electric guitar starts the song “Firecracker Man” by Thorslund with feelings of anticipation about what sounds, harmonies, and lyrics will be electrified. The pulsing sounds of the drums speed up the tempo with their steady beats and sudden rapid beats in between. 

Our protagonist has kept his energetic and fun spirit hidden but now he is ready to take his dancing shoes out of his pocket. With these, he is a charming man who is confident to show everyone his expressive personality. The dance is a form of expression. The shoes are a metaphor for him taking the dancing steps to express himself to people he meets. Thus, he is no longer waiting to be a firecracker man; a man who charms people with his personality and makes everyone he sees smile. He now is going to be a firecracker man! 

He is tired of pretending to not be the spotlight of the dance floor as in the past, he dominated the dance floor. Once he stopped dancing, he lost his self-confidence to reveal his charming personality. He felt ordinary because he lost his will to dance, which made him feel extraordinary and unique, as implied by the description of his dancing as “funky.” 

He associates wealth with his charming personality. He always imagined that his charming personality and superior dancing skills would make him wealthy. As he continued toward his goals, he kept losing his confidence. But now a surge of energy is careening through him to dance his way to wealth and the recognition he craves from everyone he meets. 

He not only wants to uplift himself, but he also yearns to uplift the people he meets who will be supportive of him. He will teach them to dance so well, that their incredible, funky dance moves will not be an illusion, but a reality!

The video itself is an edgy, fun display of Thorslund’s live performance chops. Check it out below!

oracle sisters’ video for “cigale song” gives hope for finding yourself

oracle sisters’ video for “cigale song” gives hope for finding yourself

As the video begins for “Cigale Song” by Oracle Sisters, two earphone wires are depicted, stretched out to the ear of a girl with blond hair. One is connected to the ear of a girl with brown hair, at a long, wooden table. They are surrounded by fellow musicians holding guitars, and interacting in a friendly manner, dancing in vintage dresses and suites. They create an existence of sharing small moments over their interest in rock music.

On stage, the singer bounces her legs in rhythmic motions, in her green pants, under the green and blue changing lights. As the video continues, red and orange lights shine over the singers dressed in vintage pink and white dresses. These two stand behind the singer in the green pants. This alludes to how in life, people who are similar stay together in similar circumstances, while those who stand out, often dance to the beat of their own drum.

Concurrently, the singer at the front wears pants, because as people find themselves, they come to realize that how they move and what they wear shapes how people who do not know them well view them. The people watching the performers on stage represent those who do not know them well judging them.

The girl wearing the green pants is reflective of someone who is unafraid to be unique and stand out from the crowd. The two behind her, wearing the same dresses, are reflective of people who feel they must lean on one another while being judged.

The girl wearing the green pants dances when nobody else on stage will. This makes her centerstage and amplifies her presence as the soul of the message of the music; it takes time to find yourself but over time, you do. Once you find yourself, she articulates through dancing alone, you become a leader.

As she takes the lead, the two other girls start dancing in their own unique style, holding their dresses and dancing in small movements. The girl in the green pants dances across the stage with her arms swinging in circular motions. Her presence fills the entire stage. This dominance on stage further represents her as a leader who the other people on stage admire.

Closeup footage captures every person onstage, in front of the audience. “Cigale Song” sends the message that it takes time to find yourself but once you do, you are unafraid to show the world that you can strive while being comfortable in your element.

Oracle Sisters Live Dates 2023
29 July – 17 Degrees Ribeira Sacra Festival, Lugo (ES)
19 Aug – Esférica Rioja Alavesa, Guardia (ES)
01 Sep – Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland (NL)
02 Sep – End Of The Road Festival, Salisbury (UK)

North America Headline Tour:
13 Sep – Bar Le Ritz, Montreal, QC
14 Sep – Garrison, Toronto, ON
16 Sep – The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, Millvale, PA
17 Sep – DC9, Washington, DC
19 Sep – Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
22 Sep – Turf Club, St. Paul, MN
23 Sep – Schubas, Chicago, IL
25 Sep – Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA
26 Sep – The Jack London Revue, Portland, OR
28 Sep – Popscene/Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA
29 Sep – The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

the legendary john oates steers your emotions with new track “too late to break your fall”

the legendary john oates steers your emotions with new track “too late to break your fall”

The single “Too Late To Break Your Fall” by John Oates is filled with moments of steady beats, rustic-sounding instruments, and joyous high notes. John Oates sings with a voice that would be perfect to be played at a restaurant where people are looking for a date. His voice is slow and clear at the beginning. The guitar in the background creates a rustic backdrop that feels like a small town in the country. 

Oates’ voice becomes high-pitched as he sings, “I guess it is too late to break your fall.” His voice then becomes steady and quick in speed as he sings the next line, “You break your fall again.” This quick change of tone in his voice produces feelings of intense emotion as he sings in a high voice. Like those in a relationship, or when listening to this type of music as you would at a bar, you can have a moment of feeling suddenly happy. As quickly as you feel happy, you feel your emotions rapidly collecting into what is reality. After all, life can at times be bleak, and happy moments do not last forever. Singing in a high-pitched voice is him expressing that happiness must be savored because feeling happy can be very short-lived. Furthermore, singing at a steady cadence for the majority of the beginning of the song reveals that most of the time, he remains mentally stable while in a restaurant or a bar around other people. 

The instruments playing in this song flow with blues sounds that dance with the trumpets. Oates’ song sends the message that there are times when joy is felt continuously. But even during good times, there are moments of sadness or when you need silence to process happiness. 

Tour Dates
July 14 – Boone, NC – The Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
July 26 – Old Saybrook, CT – The Kate
July 27 – Old Saybrook, CT – The Kate
July 28 – Newport, RI – Newport Folk Festival
August 19 – Rifle, Rifle, CO – Ute Theatre
September 2 – Nashville, TN – Grand Ole Opry
September 6 – Nashville, TN – Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
September 9 – Hopkinton, MA – Hopkinton Center for The Arts
September 11 – Decatur, GA – Eddie’s Attic

“i’m sorry i’m a moron, but also, help”

“i’m sorry i’m a moron, but also, help”

Baby Got Back Talk’s G’Ra’s calm tone of voice as he sings, “Stop right there and don’t you dare tell me that I’m wrong,” in his song “I’m Sorry I’m a Moron, But Also, Help,” reveals he is coping with people talking down to him in a calm and collected manner. However, his lyrics contradict his tone of voice because he is direct and strong-willed. As revealed by the phrase “don’t you dare,” he is expressing anger and a barrier he puts up before anyone can tell him that he is wrong, which will emotionally scar him.

His lyrics further indicate that he has been told that he is wrong once or many times before. Thus, he is attempting to hide his pain through his tone when confronting people who he feels could scar him emotionally but wrote his lyrics when he was feeling emotional. If you listen to his lyrics, not his tone of voice, you will feel his pain. 

G’Ra continues singing in a similar tone as he sings, “I’m a loss, an albatross, who dropped the baton.” He becomes vulnerable as he explains that he feels like a lost bird, as an albatross is a type of bird. Saying that he “dropped the baton” reveals he feels that while he is flying in his career, he has lost his ability to keep calm and in control emotionally because he is releasing all of his emotions into his lyrics. He feels he must keep a calm demeanor as he struggles to hold back revealing his true emotions. 

Hope builds up like our protagonist is metaphorically climbing a mountain, with feelings of passion and excitement, as he sings “‘Till the hallway’s bathed in moonlight, and you saunter in and it always made me think twice when I am wandering.” Singing of bathing in the moonlight is depicting him bathing in hope.

As he wanders in this moonlight, he thinks twice about his friendships and becomes the moonlight, allowing him to be a shining light above other people. As he becomes the moonlight, he encounters people from different backgrounds. “Against all the odds,” as he sings, he is able to integrate himself with people who are unlike him. He continues to persevere to learn about other types of people until all the odds are stacked against him. His inability to overcome these odds is temporary, as he “gets his knuckles bruised” from struggling through barriers to be with people who have given him emotional baggage. (As articulated in the lyrics, “Stop right there and don’t you dare tell me that I’m wrong.”)

As the song concludes, it bubbles with excitement and energy. This energy circulates into the stressed emotions of uncertainty and doubt as it uplifts and brings hope to these negative emotions. This entire song fluctuates from feelings of uneasiness and doubt to confidence and hope.

The newly released music video uses tone, color, and shape to evoke the emotions associated with the song. The visual representation is somehow spot on. View it below.