X Ambassadors’ latest track “Don’t Stay” follows the release of “JOYFUL” adding a contrasting dimension to their upcoming album. While “JOYFUL” produced a light, airy musical tone, their latest single seems to bode the opposite instrumentally.
“Don’t Stay” showcases frontman Sam Harris’ vocal range with his soulful falsetto sitting at the forefront of this song. The smooth vocals are driven by the rhythmic beat of the drums making the tortured yet hopeful lyrics the focus of the song.
The lyrics are maturely crafted, cohesive, and painfully relatable. Harris repeats the phrase “don’t stay for me” quite frequently throughout the song’s chorus depicting pain and anguish as the singer wishes a lover the best, even if it means continuing on separately.
There’s something about a song that mixes dance-like rhythm with heartbreakingly honest lyrics that draw listeners in. At first listen, the melodic drums give an urgent sense to move your body and dance. As the lyrics move in, it’s easy to get caught up in Harris’ polished vocals and well-spoken lyrics. This song is the perfect mix of heartbreak and taking the higher road.
“Don’t Stay” is a powerfully written dance ballad that effortlessly illustrates a great blend of rhythmic, electronic drums, extreme vocal talent, and wonderfully crafted lyrics.

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Katie Pugh