On May 9th, 2018  Brighton, U.K.’s rising band Thyla – comprised of Millie Duthie, Danny Southwell, Dan Hole, Mitch Duce – released their single “Blame” via B3SCI Records.This female fronted semi-pop/punk/rock band has definitely captured something extremely energetic. “Blame” begins with a steady but loaded enthusiasm. The picking and sound of the guitar is like that of The Cure. With a sprinting verse the chorus kicks down the door and leads the race with the propulsion of a jet engine. The pulse of “Blame” never runs dry providing a positive and motivating driving force. With enough fuel to get through any morning this would be the perfect track to start the days routine to. The kind of song that after hearing you’d walk out the door with an extra oomph in your step ready to take on the world. The punk like attributes are subtle but enough to show a little attitude. Thyla originated some time ago, however after not wanting to be one of those bands you hear potential in, they refocused and held back until they were ready. Ready they are. With only 5 single tracks available, you can’t help but let the anticipation build for a full length album. The vocals are melodic and at times a little bubblegum pop-ish. Never screeching or whining. The music section sounds very in sync and well rehearsed as if they were celebrating the release of a 5th album rather than a 5th single. Thyla has a commercial appeal that isn’t sleazy or trying to cash in on a female singer. They write realistic and catchy hooks leaving the lyrical content open to interpretation based on however it applies to the listeners life. They offer a modern approach, yet deeper into the heart and core of the band you can hear the 80’s alternative influences. For those of you in the U.K. be sure to catch Thyla as they have a couple of shows lined up. The rest of us will sit biting our nails waiting for a full album.

Tour Dates
MAY 12 @ Norwich Arts Centre
MAY 18 @ The Bees Mouth
MAY 19 @ Brighton StMary
JUN 26 @ The Castle & Falcon

You can keep up with Thyla on their website or via Facebook.

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