Damn near close to the crack of dawn on Monday, March 13th, we found ourselves on our way into downtown Austin. One member of our party was extremely jazzed about going to see John Cena speak at an official panel for SXSW. Unbeknownst to us, that hour of time would convert us into real fans of the Cena empire – something we cared little for previously. After all, big muscles and rough ‘n tumble WWE nights are not our main calling. But that panel opened our eyes to the type of conscientious, kind, and practical businessman he really, truly is. And we think we could all take a lesson or two out of his book. So here is the panel in its entirety, courtesy of SXSW.

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**Originally published to moshery.com. (You know, before the owners broke it.)

Meredith Schneider