french cassettes reminisce with delicate “when you know, you know”

french cassettes reminisce with delicate “when you know, you know”

French Cassettes, an indie band based in San Francisco, has released their new single “When You Know, You Know” and it’s every bit as dreamy as a song can get! The song is featured on their new album, Benzene, set to come out on June 7th. 

When asked about how the song came about, songwriter Lorenzo Scott Huerta muses, “I was listening to a lot of Bread and Barry White at the time, and this one just came out of that very quickly. I’d never paid more attention to what kind of pick I was using on my guitar; I just wanted it to have that feathery strum sound.”

The band consists of Huerta, guitarist Mackenzie Bunch and drummer Rob Mills, with the song itself mixed by Nick Krill. A fun fact is that “When You Know, You Know” was created at Bunch’s record studio in Oakland, CA.

The music is similar to that of a lullaby, with a slow melody and clear guitar acoustics strumming the song forward. The lyrics are like a diary-entry, describing a dream one had the night before. In the chorus:

Baby don’t wake me every time, no
You don’t have to wake me every time, no
Maybe I seem lucid in your eyes
I don’t wanna see that go

It’s apparent that they are reminiscing about a time with a loved one; they see it as a dream-like experience and express how they don’t want to wake up from it. 

The song is accompanied with an official music video; the visuals add to the haziness of the song, and makes one lose themselves in a nostalgic memory. 

French Cassettes are currently touring around the US, with the exception of Vancouver in late July of this year. In addition to YouTube, you can also stream “If You Know, You Know” on all streaming platforms.

le destroy’s “autonomy” video is a thrilling, anti-capitalist cyberpunk rave

le destroy’s “autonomy” video is a thrilling, anti-capitalist cyberpunk rave

Part of the fun of writing about an artist like Le Destroy (aka Kristina Olson) is that using words like sleazy, grimy, and harsh are encouraging rather than not. Her politically charged songs mix the aggressiveness of punk and industrial with the loose, unchained spontaneity of dance music. Le Destroy’s work sounds like a late-night rave in a soul-crushing dystopia and that’s exactly the appeal.

This style carries over to her recently released album, Trashumanism, which was accompanied by a graphic novel that visualizes each song by chapter, taking the dystopian themes of the album into a fully cyberpunk environment. Olson is no stranger to cyberpunk, figuratively and literally, with her contributing songs to the hit video game Cyberpunk 2077. However, the graphic novel allows her music to become more atmospheric, set against a grubby high-tech science fiction landscape that the audience was clearly meant to visualize her work in from the start.

The music video for the song “Autonomy” was also recently released, and features anime-inspired animation courtesy of studio Ferr. It features the main character of the graphic novel, the Artist, dancing, flipping the bird, and lip-syncing to the song against a neon-lit future noir backdrop. The video is well-animated and visually striking and complements the song perfectly.

As for the actual song itself, it’s really exhilarating and seems inspired by hardcore punk with even some elements of thrash metal (I was reminded a bit of Bad Brains while listening to it) with distorted guitars and Olson screaming out her lyrics. However, Le Destroy builds on these genres by incorporating pulsing synthesizers and industrialism, showing the influence of co-producer Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails fame. It can still function in a dance setting like some of Le Destroy’s other songs, though it would fit more in a mosh pit at a punk club rather than something more EDM-focused.

The song is not only punk musically, but also politically. It’s deeply anti-capitalist with a focus on personal (ahem) autonomy in the face of political unrest, accentuated by its chorus of “fuck your system, let autonomy reign!” Even without the cyberpunk stylings of Le Destroy’s music, “Autonomy” and Trashumanism in general speaks deeply to modern social and political issues that can resonate with a disenfranchised younger audience, as well as being consistently enjoyable.

Direction / VFX and Compositing: Marx Ferreira – insta @ferranimation
Character Design: Luiz Felipe Martins – twitter @lulohre
Background Design: Bruno Tabor – insta @tabor.bruno
Rough Animation / Tiedown: Maíra Colares – insta, Gustavo Mochiuti – insta @ghakusho, Bruno Jordani – insta @jojordani, Giordana Medaglia – twitter @gimedaglia12, Ari Negreiros – twitter @ari_tooniverse, Daniel Santana – insta @danielsantana.ds, Ambrósio Pentú – insta @ambrosio_pentu
Cleanup Animation: Guilherme Manzano – insta @manzart__, Gabriel Alves – insta @gabr1el_alv3s

Produced by: Danny Lohner, Le DestroyMixed by: Danny Lohner
Mastered by: Howie Weinberg
Written by: Kristina Olson

ferry townes’ new audible treat “t.g.f.k.” is a stupid cute ode to friendship

ferry townes’ new audible treat “t.g.f.k.” is a stupid cute ode to friendship

Julia Gargano is a mad talented singer-songwriter hailing from Staten Island. Her musical project, Ferry Townes – a clear homage to the Staten Island Ferry – blends her effortlessly sultry vocals with thoughtful lyrics and stand-out melodies. (I mean, if you have yet to hear her first single “Be Here”, check back in and agree with me later.)

Today, Ferry Townes releases her sophomore single. A mid-tempo release, Gargano’s raspy tinge on a wide range of notes is nothing short of captivating. This track is specific, incredibly moving, and entirely about a relationship that means a lot to her.

“’T.G.F.K’, which stands for ‘Thank God For Kyle’, is about my bestest friend,” explains Gargano. “The initial idea came from being so grateful that our relationship is what it is- that we’ll never have to fall in love and break up, but we will just be friends forever.”

The video is a true love letter in itself. Julia and Kyle are depicted throughout, having so much fun just living their lives in support of each other. The warm lighting, casual dancing, and adventure really make it feel like a montage in a romance film. And, if we are being honest, it totally is. How many relationships mean more to you than the ones you have with your best friends, truly?

Celebrate friendship this spring with the beautiful vocal stylings of Ferry Townes.

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

The electric guitar starts the song “Firecracker Man” by Thorslund with feelings of anticipation about what sounds, harmonies, and lyrics will be electrified. The pulsing sounds of the drums speed up the tempo with their steady beats and sudden rapid beats in between. 

Our protagonist has kept his energetic and fun spirit hidden but now he is ready to take his dancing shoes out of his pocket. With these, he is a charming man who is confident to show everyone his expressive personality. The dance is a form of expression. The shoes are a metaphor for him taking the dancing steps to express himself to people he meets. Thus, he is no longer waiting to be a firecracker man; a man who charms people with his personality and makes everyone he sees smile. He now is going to be a firecracker man! 

He is tired of pretending to not be the spotlight of the dance floor as in the past, he dominated the dance floor. Once he stopped dancing, he lost his self-confidence to reveal his charming personality. He felt ordinary because he lost his will to dance, which made him feel extraordinary and unique, as implied by the description of his dancing as “funky.” 

He associates wealth with his charming personality. He always imagined that his charming personality and superior dancing skills would make him wealthy. As he continued toward his goals, he kept losing his confidence. But now a surge of energy is careening through him to dance his way to wealth and the recognition he craves from everyone he meets. 

He not only wants to uplift himself, but he also yearns to uplift the people he meets who will be supportive of him. He will teach them to dance so well, that their incredible, funky dance moves will not be an illusion, but a reality!

The video itself is an edgy, fun display of Thorslund’s live performance chops. Check it out below!

meg myers says no to manipulation in “me”

meg myers says no to manipulation in “me”

The opening punchy power chords of Meg Myers‘ new single “Me” announces not only the forthcoming album T/IA but the importance of self-love. Waking from a fretful sleep, Myers opens her eyes to a sunny day with enlightenment on transcendent love. The simple solid bright colors of Myers’s little room create a happy vibe for its inhabitant despite its limited space, and it echoes a childhood imagination reminiscent of a grade school party this Valentine’s love season. Like the kids and Myers, we all yearn for love and acceptance. “Me” shows us how we can first love ourselves and always have this inner strength.

The part of one continues as Myers gazes out the window, not in lonely longing but in a happy daydream. Unafraid, she looks into the camera to assert her “someone else” is “me.” We see her lean into her mirror to kiss her reflection, demonstrating a joyful acceptance. From forehead to looking glass forehead, we see the singer enjoy her own company. She knows the transcendence of this relationship, and she claims this level of greatness for a potential romantic one. 

Banging out those steady chords on a little blue piano, she maintains this love foundation. A mascara-covered eye opens over the lens so we can see from Myers’s perspective. We too can transcend the lies lobbed at us about dating culture so we can be rooted and ready to accept a suitable someone else. No more will Myers be a victim of manipulation. As she basks in her presence, she will carry on as strong as the “Me” beat, bright as her single room and transcendent of her self-love. Romance can take it or leave it.

eli 07 premieres cinematic new video for second single “15 miles”

eli 07 premieres cinematic new video for second single “15 miles”

At just 18 years old, Michigan-based Eli 07‘s (Eli Wilson) true musical talent originally gained him traction on TikTok. But his collaboration efforts and insane vocal talents are what will sustain him in the music industry for years to come. His music is soulful, equal parts softness and conviction. “15 Miles” is a rhythmic piece that utilizes acoustic guitar to create a sound that feels like the perfect blend of aughts’ emo and modern indie.

The music video – directed and edited by Rascreative – serves to perfectly amplify the initial pull and sadness of the track. With cool undertones, it follows the artist while he sings his woes on an abandoned beach. A sense of emotional struggle is introduced to the visual as he wears a suit and tie, but then abandons the buttoned-up look to connect with the waves. It is a scene worthy of a major motion picture.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think!

Production Assistant: Felipe Navia
Song Produced by @King Theta
Mix/Mastered by @felipejnavia
Written and Performed by @eliwilson07

dalton cyr channels hot and cold love in latest track “dying to love you”

dalton cyr channels hot and cold love in latest track “dying to love you”

Pretty Little Liars alum Dalton Cyr is tackling more than just acting these days. As a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, the 21-year-old’s talents seem to be almost neverending. While his debut album was released in 2012, the mastery of his craft is palpable with his latest release.

His new single “Dying to Love You” is highly relatable, and with a voice as smooth as butter, the lyrics are cutting but absolutely beautiful. “I wrote this song to capture the helpless feeling of being trapped in a hot and cold relationship,” explains Cyr of the track. “The toxicity of emotional high highs and low lows takes a toll on the psyche- hence, ‘Dying To Love You.'” 

The music video gives us a peek into his live performance capabilities. An intimate view of his handiwork, shadows dance across his face, alluding to the darkness that his sweet vocals are almost camouflaging. Check it out below!

maude latour leaps into the unknown confidently with the aid of her “headphones”

maude latour leaps into the unknown confidently with the aid of her “headphones”

Alt-pop entertainer Maude Latour is certainly making a name for herself in the industry. Her sold-out North American tour kicks off next month, a result of the popularity of her sound on streaming platforms. Latest track “Headphones” is no different. The song is a testament to her talent, letting her play with autotune around natural vocals that are no less than entrancing. Explains Latour of the track:

“Headphones” starts exactly after where the “Strangers Forever” EP left us — heartbroken and experiencing loss, but slowly finding strength, as we say goodbye to a person of our past. “Headphones” is an opening of a new world; it is the first ray of light as the storm begins to end. I was lying on a hardwood floor, realizing I was truly alone in my head, no more romantic partner to lean on, when I first heard a voice in my head. It was my own. I wanted to learn to love myself, I wanted to grow within. “Headphones” is that terrifying leap into our future, and into our deeper selves.

Latour released a video accompanying the new song. Latour gallivants around New York City in good spirits, driven by her own beautiful words and the track in her headphones. The idea that words or a song could set the tone for your day – or be the underlying soundtrack to your incredible life – is reason enough to get through the tough shit.

We understand the allure, and are excited to see what her live performance entails.

goon encourages outdoor play in new music video for “fruiting body”

goon encourages outdoor play in new music video for “fruiting body”

The micro-dosing community isn’t the only group of people that are currently into the wonders of mushrooms. Los Angeles-based indie outfit GOON – expertly comprised of Any Polito, Dillon Peralta, Tamra Simons, and Kenny Becker – have been intricately evolving their sound for years. But mushrooms seem to have aided in the organic (pun intended) development of their new music. Expands Kenny:

The inspiration for this track came from a long walk I took on a rainy gray day in November 2021. During that time I would often walk along the path that follows a waterway which feeds into the LA river. Passing a patch of mushrooms gave me the idea to title the song “Fruiting Body.” The term refers to the spore-producing structure of fungi.

The song itself makes you feel as though you are safely nestled in a bed of trees, surrounded by infinite light. The video – directed and edited by Kenny – mimics this exact feeling. We’re just fans of watching each band member experience pure joy over the course of the video. It’s a snapshot of nature that wholeheartedly encourages play, with the creepy repetition of the line “blood red” dancing in the background.

This song, this video… absolute perfection.

Grab your copy of Paint By Numbers, Volume I on February 25th.