boyband, “realtree”

boyband, “realtree”

Grammy-nominated producer boyband releases newest single “realtree”. This track follows the previously released track “death note” featuring Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. Both of the new tracks are a part of his genre-bending catalog of music.

“realtree” captures that moment you realize someone’s true colors, accepting that, and finding yourself at a place where you need to remove them from your life. When talking about the track boyband says, “The verse is me attempting to move on in a more positive manner, having fun and flexing a bit rather than sulking over this girl.” boyband recognizes there are two sides to a breakup, moving on and hurting. With the lyric “all this realtree on can’t hide my feelings” is him saying that even when coping with the breakup he is still hurting from it.

boyband blurs the lines between genres, combining pumped-up beats with adrenaline-charged riffs and a precise ear, making him a sought out producer and a stand out artist.

Noted for his work on Grammy-nominated artist Lil Nas X 7’s track “Kick It” and his association with hot producers and other artists like Young Thug, boyband has established himself as an outstanding producer in Los Angeles.

dylan, “good enough”

dylan, “good enough”

Rising newcomer Dylan, introduces herself with debut single “Good Enough,” an edgy piece of pop music. The song focuses around the idea of people, or exes making you feel less than, and realizing they are wrong and you are going to prove that. It’s emotional and even with a high-energy undertone it is still one that will get you screaming the lyrics.

The music video is simple. It showcases Dylan performing backlight by a line of lights, when the chorus hits the lights start to flash. The flashing helps to highlight the uptick of the instrumentation in the chorus compared to the rest of the song. Each time before the chorus hits there is a small pause preceding.

The video showcases Dylan as a performer, a possible glimpse of how she will look onstage. She plays with the emotional weight of the song and expresses that through face and gestures towards the camera.

“Good Enough” gives an introduction to Dylan, her music style, and her song-writing style. The track makes you want to hear more from her and see where she can go with her music.

dylan emmet, “dumb”

dylan emmet, “dumb”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet released new single “Dumb”. Emmet says inspiration for the track came from his girlfriend, “She was joking about how ‘get away with murder’ when I do annoying things because for some reason, they don’t bother her the same way it does when other people do them. It got me thinking about what real love is.”

The track combines electronic indie and alternative pop with punk guitars and a synth production. Emment’s smooth vocals set over this mix drives home the emotion. While instrumentally “Dumb” feels like any old summer dancey-type song, but lyrically it’s a playful love song.

“Dumb” captures that feeling of letting love take control, even if it makes you do crazy and dumb things for that person. The track enforces the idea of loving another and letting their flaws be one of the reasons for that love.

lorelei rose taylor, “versailles”

lorelei rose taylor, “versailles”

In preparation for her debut EP release next month, singer-songwriter Lorelei Rose Taylor releases the title track “Versailles”. Taylor shares that the track “embodies a sort of cosmic dance between two people very much in love, but very toxic for each other – and everyone around them.”

“Versailles” feels light instrumentally, but lyrically you can sense a tug of war between love and toxicity. The lyrics that introduce the chorus “dance between the lines / dance around your lies”, shows that the main subject is aware of the problem occurring between the two people.

The song starts off with a serendipity feel but becomes more tragic as it progresses. With the use of building up the instrumentation and adding sirens as the song fades out, that progression is driven home.

Taylor’s style lives in the space between alternative, baroque rock, and dream-pop. With her soft, sweet, and raw vocals, coupled with her lyrical storytelling, Taylor is able to create vivid words of love, lust, and loss.

between kings, “too young to give a fuck”

between kings, “too young to give a fuck”

Rising alternative pop rock group Between Kings have released their newest EP Antidote.

The title track “Antidote” is a non-judgmental observation on mental health. Currently the track is making constant play across alternative rock radio stations, it is also setting up the overall tone of the EP. With the current state of our altered lives, “Antidote” observes the way we deal with pressure of society.

The EP also features tracks “Bad for Me”, “Show Me What It’s Like to Love” and “Too Young to Give a Fuck”. The latter released with a video using fan participation as a way to bring their fanbase together to celebrate new music even during these unsettling times.

Between Kings combines the nostalgic feeling of when music could save your life and the hopeful look into music’s future. This combination makes their music feel both familiar and new at the same time.

Antidote, introduces listeners to the new musical era of Between Kings, garnering anticipation for upcoming full-length Young Love.

sailing stones, polymnia

sailing stones, polymnia

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Sailing Stones drops new album Polymnia. The album has circles around romantic innocence and longing set in uncertainty.

“Fire Escape”, the last single released before the release of the album. The track is a love song watching one lose that comfort of innocence. Even with harsh words like “fire that rages for days”, the song itself is a gentle story of surrendering to love. The idea of letting go of that innocence and letting love take over is full of complex emotions but also simple ones. “Fire Escape” is a reminiscent take on a story of love that makes you feel “both broken and alive”

“Comfort”, is a song about coming to terms with your mistakes when it comes to love, but how you still seek the comfort a relationship brings. With opening words “I’m tired” we see from the start that Lindfor is introducing a subject tired of the love routine they are putting themselves through. However we see the struggle the subject faces by wanting to stop old habits but being pulled back in because it’s what they know.

What makes Polymnia special is Jenny Lindfors ability to combine mixed emotions that are sometimes contradictory, into her songs with ease.

rileyy lanez, “foul play”

rileyy lanez, “foul play”

R&B artist Rileyy Lanez continues to showcase her ‘heart on her sleeve’ music style with new single “Foul Play”. This track, along with previous release songs “I’m Leaving” and “Left 4 Me” will be featured on her forthcoming 5-track EP Beautiful Mistakes, out on May 1.

“Foul Play” looks at a relationship that is turning sour or is just about to, but focusing on the moments the two vibed with each other. With a contagiously catchy chorus and energized tempo, this song is memorable in more ways than one. This is a song you’d want to dance to, drive around to, or simply chill while it is on in the background.

Lanez’s vocals help represent the past, present, and future of the situation presented in “Foul Play”. This aspect of her voice helps to make her songs relatable. Her voice can be haunting, a punch in the gut, or honest.

Keep up with her here.

baron minker, “anthem of the rich and the bored”

baron minker, “anthem of the rich and the bored”

Sci-Fi influenced and experimental indie-rock, are just two ways to describe the music project Baron Minker, the alias for songwriter Dane Erik Frost.

Frost released a video for his most recent single “Anthem of the Rich and the Bored”, which is the only politically charged and influenced track on his upcoming album. “Anthem of the Rich and the Bored” calls out those that abuse their power, mainly those of a social elite status that look down on other classes of people.

The video is colorfully trippy, perfectly complimenting the sounds of the track. With the use of a skull that moves in time to the track, and looks as if the skull itself is the one singing these words, the video visually feels hypnotizing.

Baron Minker is a music project that carves out a balance between worlds that are savage and serene. By combining indie sheen with electric absurdity, Minker has a sound that calls back to 1970s psychedelic culture.

Keep up with Baron Minker here.

katrina cain,  “how did we get here?”

katrina cain, “how did we get here?”

Listeners were first introduced to pop artist Katrina Cain on NBC’s The Voice, now she is dropping another single, “How Did We Get Here?”, inspiring others to stay true to themselves.

“How Did We Get Here?” narrates the authentic journey of Cain as an artist and a person, showing the complexity of what it means to be in women in music.

Cain combines her raw folk-like voice with dreamy sounds creating what she describes as “melancholy-pop”. Her music style tends to fall and swing between landscapes of soul breaking ballads and pop anthems. “How Did We Get Here” is a power pop anthem that encourages and promotes the idea of staying authentic to yourself despite the pressures of the outside world.

Cain’s storytelling through music is raw, honest, and empowering, encompassing the human experience in both a heartbreaking and true sense.