Ready for heavy and hardcore?
Primal Rite comes from San Francisco, an area that is known for cranking out metal (and any sub-genre of it) awesomeness. This crossover (metal with punk attributes) 6 piece began in 2016 and have released 3 singles and an E.P. throughout 2017. There can’t be a better way to bring in 2018 than by releasing their debut full-length album Dirge Of Escapism set to release on January 26th via Revelation.
The album begins with “Chapter Zero” a wind swirling intro that lands upon a beat fit to send the troops into battle. The introductory guitar riff induces a metal trance that will find you thrusting your upper torso back and forth. With a rawness similar to that of Sepultura’s Schizophrenia album there is no shortage of leads that squeal like an air raid siren.There are metal grooves with dynamics that offer each transition a welcome pass to slide on in.
“Interference” possesses a classic thrash/speed metal feel that is sure to gain the respect of any true metal head, “Sensory Link to Pain” shows some serious in the pocket groove and stomp that will have you pumping your fists to the sky. You can hear an influence that is a conglomeration of classic 80’s bay area thrashers with a hint of East Coast punk/hardcore.
If there is anything you need to know before you head over to their Bandcamp and pre-order your copy of “Dirge of Escapism” it’s this, it’s heavy, it’s brutal, it’s reminiscent of a sweaty nightclub of clashing moshpitters and hardcore dancers. The album as a whole captures the energy of what a live show would be like. As a bonus, if you pre-order Dirge of Escapism, you get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
I almost forgot to mention, those guttural vocals, no it’s not Martin Van Drunen from Asphyx, it’s Lucy. That’s right a female. Don’t even think there is a moment of weak, pretty, “hand me my skirt” moments. This chick has raised the bar and proven when it comes to metal, it’s not just boys that can lay it down. Horns up to Primal Rite.
Kayla Hutton