On one of the most gorgeous nights of 2018 so far, Thursday, March 15th, P!nk regaled a massive crowd at Sprint Center in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Bursting into the room in her signature aerial acrobatic harness, she came swinging in from a chandelier to “Get This Party Started”, as if there were any better way to make a grand entrance. Decked out in so much glitter the audience probably should have been wearing sunglasses, she bounced right into “Beautiful Trauma” and then a little throwback rendition of “Just Like a Pill” for the loyal fans who have been around to enjoy her incredible career for the last two decades. There were a lot of them, as the event itself sold out so quickly that the arena had to open more seats on the side to accommodate her midwest fanbase.

Which is really no surprise, as this woman has been setting the world on fire – literally and figuratively, if you count the pyrotechnics during “Just Like Fire” – since she started back in the last 90s. With a flare for the most athletic endeavors, her stage performance has taken a turn from upbeat pop maneuvers, to an intense and beautifully artful experience, replete with Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics and bright, fun pops of color amidst glitter for days. Slowing it down for a soulful rendition of “Barbies” and “I Am Here” brought the crowd to their feet, belting out the lyrics with a fiery passion we haven’t witnessed at another show in quite some time. But not all the magic was found in the lyrics, though so relatable in so many ways.

But if ever our hearts stopped during a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, this was it. Dressed in a more grunged up look, the crowd went wild with her slightly more soulful vocals layered over those unmistakable guitar riffs and edgy flare.

P!nk incorporated her moving and incredibly heroic 2017 MTV VMAs acceptance speech into her set, bringing faces of every color, race, and ethnicity to the forefront in a little video that played while she was changing outfits. But the message hit very close to home, as we continue to deal with issues of sexism, racism, and other types of hatred. P!nk’s message is just as resounding as in tracks like “What About Us?” where she seems to call out people in power with her questioning, much like she did in 2011’s “Dear Mr. President”. And though she didn’t get to sing that song in particular, her rally cry could probably be heard for miles while thousands of women joined her in powerful, captivating song.

I personally got to enjoy the show with my mother and my sister, both of whom I have gone with to see P!nk’s previous shows. I will say it once and then say it a million times after, this woman knows how to impress. Not even for the sake of others, but you can tell she does this to prove everything to herself and to pave the way for other dreamers, which leaves little room to be disappointed in the work she does. We even got a treat this time, as the last show she came through held no encore goodness – Though, really, who is complaining? – with an exciting, Tinker Bell-esque performance of “So What” and “Glitter In The Air” before she disappeared into the night, most likely to get into a cuddle puddle with her adorable traveling family.

Keep up with P!nk here, and make sure to check out her Beautiful Trauma tour in a city near you!

Meredith Schneider