I like minor keys…actually, I more than “like” them – I’m INFATUATED with them. Something about the raw darkness of the attack & sound just makes me feel like it’s about to get real – that we’re about to fight this war masks off in the mud – OVER our freedom. Whether it be for our freedom to love, our freedom to speak, our freedom to deserve, our freedom to be…..I see life staring up from the deep end, I refuse to dip my feet to play in the shallows. That has just ALWAYS been who I am. It’s either: I DON’T go in the water or I run FULL THROTTLE till I can no longer touch the ocean floor. I fuel my body like I live my life – with MOTIVATION. I used to foul out every ball game because I played that much harder than the rest & my feet stay planted and I wanted that damn ball so bad – no one or no thing could ever get in my way to stop me. I go hard because I love hard, the vulnerability of my capability flies behind me like a cape and I light fires without lighters and own it all because I’m a fighter. These songs encompass the magic of the minors, articulate voices full of angst & swag, not here to mess around. They are triumphant and LOUD & the hip/hop edge is definitely influencing this era of my life & art. I embrace it, I learn from it, & I bend it. To the next generation of sound do I march.

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