Missing that “spark” in your playlist?

Mankind Is Obsolete, often referred to as “MKIO,” is a female-fronted electro-rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2002 by drummer Jon Siren and vocalist Natasha Cox. Our focus is on the track “On fire again” from the bands’ 5th release titled Mobius Loop. “On Fire Again” begins with music that could be the perfect theme song for those who have ever felt beaten down by life, love, or any other element, and have reached that point where the light begins to shine through the crack in the wall and you feel strength return to every muscle in your body. The chorus acts as the first verse and with good reason. With such a powerful start, it’s amazing that the song stays just as strong when the verse begins and the only sound is provided by the bass and drums. Natasha’s voice comes through and it seems as though the words and intent would still be the same even if she were humming along. You not only hear the words and comprehend their meaning, you feel it in the way she is singing.

The song as a whole will give you that motivating feeling of wanting the excitable exhilaration you get when your crush becomes love, or when you take your favorite drive and there is no other obstacle stopping you from just punching the gas. “On Fire Again” is definitely a driving force that needs to be added to your playlist.

Keep up with the band at MKIO.com.

Kayla Hutton