Meryem Aboulouafa offers an introduction to herself in the music video for her track “Ya Qalbi” alongside the release of her debut album. “Ya Qalbi” is a magical and stunning Algerian song from the Arab-Andalusian repertoire. With the help of producer Franceso Sanalucia, the addition of modern effect brings the track into the 21st century.

The video is moving art, simply put. The color schemes are lush, highlighting simple visuals layered behind footage of the artist singing in black and white. It packs maximum impact in a quick 2 minutes.

Her debut album excels in the ‘game of reference.’ Being able to track all influences of this album is almost impossible, as she has many. Parallels can be made of her limitless imagination to Kate Bush, her creation of intimacy and emotion to James Blake, and her ability to hypnotize the universal language of music without denying the musical traditions of her origins from Oum Kalsoum.

by: meredith schneider + kendal chandler

Kendal Chandler