On September 29th, Manchester Orchestra’s tour in support of their latest release, A Black Mile To The Surface, took over New York City’s Terminal 5. Establishing a wide fanbase throughout the years, Manchester fans had been waiting for this show since its first announcement.

Accordingly, the crowd arrived early, a beeline of people streaming into the front. Not only was this the perfect tactic to score the best seats for Manchester, but both Tigers Jaw and Foxing are well-known and beloved bands in their own right; most of the fans already loved all three and eagerly anticipated each performance.

Foxing kicked off the show with dim, moody lighting to set the tone. Singing out to the audience and moving about the entire length of the stage, singer Conor Murphy rounded out the set with a slightly darker depth that was absent within the other two. There were only cheers when he played the trumpet; the crowd was fixated.

Tigers Jaw amped up the energy as the lights snapped on. Jumping up and down to buoyant pop-rock, emo tunes off their latest release, Spin, Tigers Jaw was more than cheerful. They were truly happy to be there, and in turn, the audience responded. There was singing, dancing, and jumping; Tigers Jaw delivered.

Lastly, Manchester finished out the night. As they walked out to very little lighting, the crowd roared. And as the lights rose, so did the voices, an entire venue of approximately 3,000 people singing and screaming with emotion. Manchester’s performance was like no other; their enormous experience cultivated throughout the years was self-evident as they flawlessly sang and played. They lifted the audience up at some points and brought them down for others. It was a rollercoaster of a ride, one in which everyone excitedly leapt on and reluctantly got off at the end—and only because they had to.


Christie McMenamin