Releasing his newest single is Jordan Sudak under the moniker of Koda. Since his debut, Koda has pulled all the stops in order to chase the greatness that he knows could be within his reach within the coming years. Not only is Sudak an artist that can create an atmosphere for the listeners, but he is also able to relate a strong and powerful message through his creative lyricism. Like many of the other artists in this genre, Sudak feeds off of the brooding intensity of his music that is sincere and fueled by passion that has been growing since he first started performing.

“White Dove”, like much of his other music, brings something different to the scene that fans and critics alike have latched on to and have began to crave and expect. Not only does Koda’s music bring in traditional sounds, but it also overlays many of the hooks with loops that sound foreign and has become a signature of this artist. Now that he has released this new single, fans are really wanting to see Koda perform live more often in order to hopefully show off his unique talent.

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Madison Blom