Love them or hate them, bands that were popular at the turn of the century are making a comeback. And Hanson? They never really went anywhere. After going indie when their label failed them professionally, the three-brother band has maintained a brand – with multiple creative endeavors within it, including a beer company, tiered fan club membership, collaborative fan community, and more – that has continued to serve them and their growing family over the years. They have consistently toured, continuously contributed to nonprofit funding efforts, and continue to deliver new music as a sibling project year after year.

On Friday, June 14th, Hanson entertained a large crowd gathered in front of the Visit Missouri main stage at Boulevardia in Kansas City, Missouri. There, they announced the release of their new peach cider venture – that comes in honor of the 20th anniversary of “Penny & Me” – that they would be pouring themselves at the Taps & Tastes event the following day.

Boulevardia draws thousands to the Kansas City area every Father’s Day weekend for an interactive beer and music festival, with local makers and food vendors galore.

Meredith Schneider