Frigs. A dirty, grungy, punk sounding band from Toronto Canada that has applied the perfect amount of monotone “don’t care” attitude with catchy choral melodies. The music itself is a little hard to define or pigeonhole into a specific genre. So those of you who when asked, “What kind of music do you listen to?” and refrain from spewing out genre after sub-genre after made-up genre, and respond by saying, “everything”, this is for you.

The subtle amount of heated amplifier tubes follows suit with my description of sounding dirty and grungy, however, there is a subtle aspect of experimental musicianship that demands respect. I doubt it’s accidental talent that there are overtones applied to this track that isn’t taught in music theory but should be. Leonard Bernstein stated that a single pitch contains an infinite number of pitches. Within those pitches lay a hidden key that allows music to convey emotion.

Frigs has hit that key allowing them to not only capture a distinct sound but create an atmosphere for the listener. “Talking pictures” starts dark and dreary yet the chorus has that steady hi-hat tapping that you will find your head bobbing in sync with.

For those of us who were waiting for Courtney Love to learn how to sing (still waiting), we can now give up and turn our focus to Bria. She goes right where Love fell flat. The best part is when you think this girl just sings, you get a guttural scream, “Do you see it?” It doesn’t make this track heavy, it is what is, a boldly stated question. Here Frigshas laid out a soundscape and painted a mental picture. I saw it. “Do you see it?”

Side Note – According to their website Frigs will be on tour starting March 2018 in Canada and some states in the U.S. My only complaint is this, there is no stop in Phoenix, Arizona.

However their album Basic Behaviour comes out Feb 23, 2018. Keep up with Frigs here.
Kayla Hutton