Ciaran Lavery makes me glad I’m a writer for fear that I would pronounce his name like a 1st grader attempting to read Shakespeare. You can tell by his name that he isn’t from the U.S. and with his track “To Chicago” all of you American men could learn a thing or two. With Valentine’s Day approaching my best advice is this, if you want to get some warm and tender loving, put “To Chicago” on for your girl and it’s a sure win. It’s an upbeat, simple, toe-tapping love song that is a million miles away from what has been the top 10 industry standard.
The acoustic guitar isn’t always just for those depressing cry your eyes out ballads. The guitar line in “To Chicago” is fun, and like love, it’s unconditional and without a deceptive hidden agenda.
Reminiscent of a song you would hear playing over the speaker system of your local drug store and while the line is long the ladies are sure to daydream away of a concert where they are the only audience member and Ciaran is singing solely to them.This is the kind of song that yields hope in thinking love like that does exist. It’s not generically sappy or holding hands skipping in the perfect meadow. It’s realistic. It’s a spontaneous road trip, sharing laughs when the map flies out of the window and there is no cell signal, opening a can of soda and it fizzing over and your lover giggling as she pats the couple of droplets from your shirt. All the pop song elements are there, but the lyrics are creative and uniquely written.
Overall this is a very refreshing love song that is sure to pull at the heartstrings, and possibly make a slew of listeners flock to Ireland ready to marry Mr. Lavery.

“To Chicago” is out today and the album it appears on, Sweet Decay, will be released April 13th. Keep up with Ciaran Lavery here.
Kayla Hutton