hearthpr 2017 spotify playlist

hearthpr 2017 spotify playlist

We did up this playlist with one track from each of the albums from the artists we were lucky enough to get to work with this year and wanted to share it with you. If you wanted to go check out the full streams and downloads of all these artists you can head over here to find any of those!

But without further ado here’s the playlist!

1. Dori Freeman – “If I Could Make You My Own”
2. Brother Roy – “Mary”
3. Sera Cahoone – “Dusty Lungs”
4. Rayna Gellert – “Workin’s Too Hard”
5. Silver Torches – “Let It Be A Dream”
6. Boubacar Traoré – “Je chanterai pour toi”
7. Joshua James – “Coyote Caller”
8. Pierce Edens – “Body”
9. Rev. Sekou – “Burnin’ and Lootin'”
10. Rachel Baiman – “Shame”
11. Jim Byrnes – “Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City”
12. The Hooten Hallers – “Dig”
13. Mr. Lif & Brass Menažeri – Crypt of Lost Styles”
14. John Craigie – “Broken”
15. Matt Patershuk – “Blank Pages & Lost Wages’
16. Zephaniah OHora – “High Class City Girl from the Country”
17. Billy Strings – “Living Like An Animal”
18. The Resonant Rogues – “Hands in the Dirt”
19. Modern Mal – “Wild Heart
20. Haley Heynderickx – “Oom Sha La La”
21. Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton – “You Are Not Needed Now”
22. Bill & Joel Plaskett – “The Next Blue Sky”
23. Amber Cross – “Savage on the Downhill”
24. Sarah Jane Scouten – “Acre of Shells”
25. Anna Tivel – “Illinois”
26. Charlie Whitten – “Balance”
27. Zoe & Cloyd – “Jewel of the Caspian Sea”
28. Jeffrey Martin – “Thrift Store Dress”
29. Humbird – “Fresh Water”
30. Kyle Alden – “Sail Away Ladies”
31. John Reischman & The Jaybirds – “Today Has Been a Lonesome Day”
32. Lindsay Straw – “Geordie”
33. Dori Freeman – “Over There”

**Curated and written by the badasses at HEARTHPR

sonali, “winter sundays”

sonali, “winter sundays”

Fall and winter are hands down my favorite seasons of the year. There’s something really comforting about the thought of cozying up by the fireplace drinking a cup of coffee, with white blanketed trees and sheets of snow falling outside…or maybe that’s just the romantic notions of a native Floridian like me. Nevertheless, I’ve always interpreted certain songs very visually, I associate them with certain colors and images. Here’s a few of my favorite chill songs that I love listening to in the wintertime, including a bunch from my fellow NYU alums! These are all jams in any season, to be honest. Enjoy!

“Forever” is out now. Keep up with Sonali on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at her website.

**Contributed in full by the artist

b.r. lively, “this kind of peace”

b.r. lively, “this kind of peace”

Americana indie folk musician B.R. Lively recently released his eleven track stunner of an album, titled Into the Blue. Packed from start to finish with textured, alluring sounds and B.R.’s signature lackadaisical vocals meandering along, the album experienced conception during a moment of pure growth for B.R. an serves as an inspired departure from his past work. Check out the album below, then peek a little playlist B.R. curated exclusively for Imperfect Fifth in celebration of Into the Blue!

Into the Blue is the result of finding a lot of peace within myself. Here are some tunes that have brought a peaceful feeling to me over the years. There are themes of nature, love, loss… mostly slow-burners that are perfect for chasing down sunsets or a long meditative drive.

Check out the “This Kind of Peace” playlist made exclusively for Imperfect Fifth on Spotify. 

Place To be, Way To Blue (Nick Drake):
– I put a lot of Nick Drake on here because he was the biggest influence on this record. We tried to capture the warm, mellow guitar tone by putting flat-wound strings on my guitar. He’s such a percussive player, which I feel I take from. Also, his use of strings prompted our similar approach to using them on ours, sweeping in an out giving it a 3rd dimension.

Simple Twist of Fate (Bob Dylan):
– My favorite track off this record. It’s one of the records that got me messing around with different guitar tunings, like “The Day That I Die.” Also, Bob’s style of storytelling found its way in my writing very early on, so I had to show him some love on here.

So What (Miles Davis):
– Definitely get my laid back feel from Miles on this record; the way he sits back in the groove behind the beat. I’ve always identified with slower tempos which is why I write more ballads than anything. Miles has also taught me a lot about the importance of using space in music; that most of the time not playing something is better than playing something.

Trapeze Swinger (Iron & Wine):
– I used to fall asleep to this song every night after I discovered it. It’s rolling stream of imagery has such a dreamlike quality to it. I love the progression of instruments, textures, and counter melodies that get introduced throughout the song. It keeps a steady consistent soft beat that is very meditative and pleasant to listen to.

Orange Sky (Alexi Murdoch):
– A tune we took direct influence from for the record sonically. It’s also got that meditative rhythm and constant beat with a myriad of instruments and textures flowing in and out yet kept very sparse at the same time.


Keep up with B.R. Lively here.

“acoustic songs curated by the racer”

“acoustic songs curated by the racer”

After playing a few acoustic shows over the past week, we decided to put together an acoustic style playlist for everyone. We as a band have a pretty big range of artists we follow.  So there’s a little variety going on, but ultimately stripped down songs all kind of connect with each other regardless of the genre.  We enjoy when artists do a different take on their own original song, broken down to get a different feel.

We ourselves also enjoy doing this with our songs, because it’s just another way to be creative and give another angle to the emotions of a song. On this mini tour we just went on, we had to recreate our full band songs to fit on the acoustic stage and it was a great experience to hear what our songs are capable of. Hope you enjoy our playlist!

You can get your ears on the quintet’s latest single “Apogee” right now!

Keep up with alternative indie collective The Racer here.

**words by the band

black satellite shares “forged in fire” playlist, the ultimate goal of endless

black satellite shares “forged in fire” playlist, the ultimate goal of endless

New York’s alternative rock duo Black Satellite – from the talents of Larissa Vale and Kyle Hawken – have been creating music together for six years, their new ten track album Endless being the latest in their musical adventure. Packed to the brim with dark, alluring vocals and tortuous, cacophonous instrumentals, the album is something out of a profound, badass dream. Replete with crash cymbals to emphasize the intensity of the lyrics, Endless is a particularly moody masterpiece.

In honor of their new release, the band created a playlist titled “Forged In Fire” exclusively for Imperfect Fifth. Says the band, “We made sure to showcase our inspirations as well as include songs we are currently listening to. We also aimed to highlight slightly lesser-known tracks by our favorite artists that we’re sure listeners will enjoy.”

We also had the divine opportunity to throw the duo a few questions, and they happily obliged.


What is the first song or album you ever remember hearing, and who introduced it to you?

Larissa: When I was in elementary school, my brother’s bedroom shared a wall with mine and I could hear him blasting his music every night.  The funny part is he is 9 years older than me and I ended up really getting into Eminem in 3rd grade!

Kyle: When I was very young I sang “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down acapella at a school talent show. I hilariously found the song because it was featured on the track list of this strange 90s compilation album called “Now That’s What I Call Music.”

Was there a moment that it struck you and you realized you were going to pursue music, or did it kind of slowly evolve?

Larissa: I was always very into music. I don’t have a specific memory of when I started, I just always did it. Whether is was piano lessons, guitar lessons, choir, cello lessons etc.

Kyle: When I was 15, my Dad bought me a guitar to make my Mom jealous on Christmas. That kind of started it all.

Your track “Valkyrie” got a lot of love, and understandably so. What made you choose it as your lead single?

We felt it was a strong introductory track that was really representative of our sound as a whole. We are super happy with the decision!

Endless is such a striking release. Was this a concept album, or something that just kind of fell together?

Some of the songs on Endless were written 5 years ago, although we also came up with many new songs for the album. It’s a conglomeration of our greatest work at the time and truly showcases our range.

What was studio life like?

We tracked our record 16 hrs a day for about 10 days. This meant a lot of long nights working until 4am!  We relied mainly on delivery food and hardly left the building. We were so prepared with our preproduction that we knew exactly what we needed to accomplish for the day and actually knocked it out much faster than expected. It really came down to us taking turns with our engineer making cappuccinos for each other all day!

How do you imagine people listening to this album? 

Our hope is that this album becomes a part of the listener’s everyday life. Whether it’s to pump them up or get them through a rough time. That’s the ultimate goal.

As a still relatively new act, what are your thoughts on the modern music industry?

There are a lot of new ways to do things in the modern age, which means you need to reorient yourself on how to navigate the constantly changing industry.  It’s important to always be on top of things and be prepared for a good opportunity when one is presented.


Endless is available now. Keep up with this vivacious duo here.

romeo dance cheetah’s boogieman dance party playlist

romeo dance cheetah’s boogieman dance party playlist

In celebration of my favorite holiday, Halloween, and my upcoming Album Release Party, I give you Romeo Dance Cheetah‘s Boogieman Dance Party Playlist.

1. “Boogie Nights” – Heatwave
2. “Night is on My Mind” – Oliver
3. “Dead Man’s Party” – Oingo Boingo
4. “I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)” – Parliament Funkadelic
5. “Girl Loves Me” – David Bowie
6. “Moonlight” – The Gold Web
7. “Windowlicker” – Aphex Twin
8. “Idioteque” – Radiohead
9. “Fatty Boom Boom” – Die Antwoord
10. “Meat Quotient” – Big Dipper
11. “Gotcha Good” – Celine Neon
12. “Dare” – Gorillaz
13. “Don’t Get Captured” – Run the Jewels
14. “Black Cat” – Janet Jackson
15. “I Would Die 4 U” – Prince
16. “Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell
17. “Give me the Night” – George Benson
18. “Boogie Wonderland” – Earth Wind and Fire
19. “Oh Sheit It’s X” – Thundercat
20. “Sympathy for the Devil” – The Rolling Stones
Romeo Dance Cheetah is the Former Air Guitar National Champion. He has been featured on America’s Got Talent & The Today Show, and Performed at Bonnaroo Music Festival. His new album, Magnificent Man, is out today. You can keep up with his shenanigans here.