jewel toned summer vibes | august 2018 music video roundup

jewel toned summer vibes | august 2018 music video roundup

This month has been absolutely insane for music videos, and we’ve never been more impressed. Jewel tones seem to be the main focus regarding visuals, but the creativity involved in both the concepts of the videos and the way they’re represented is absolutely phenomenal. Dare we say it? August 2018 might be the best month for music videos EVER.

But we’re kind of getting ahead of ourselves. We created a succinct YouTube playlist with 79 of our favorites – yes, 79 – from this month. This list includes the likes of Nahko, Courtney Barnett, Ron Gallo, Blue October, Holy Golden, and many more! Check it out, love on it, find your new favorite!

junks | junks-wave

junks | junks-wave

A playlist curated by DK (aka Ectoplazm), the lead singer of Junks.

  1. The Auryn – Klaus Doldinger
  2.  Surveillance Camera – Rey Pila
  3. Oscar Mike – Captain Now
  4. Contact High – Architecture in Helsinki
  5. Everybody’s Movin’ – Junks (Robert Parker remix)
  6. Together In Electric Dreams – Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
  7. Playing For Time – Madleen Kane
  8. Clutch – Miami Nights 1984
  9. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas
  10. That Funky Music – Midnight Driver
  11. Popularity – Sparks
  12. Annie – Neon Indian
  13. Anthonio – Berlin Breakdown Version – Annie
  14. Shannon’s Eyes (12” Version) – Girogio Moroder, Paul Engemann
  15. Firecracker – Yellow Magic Orchestra
  16. Communication – Ace Marino
  17. The Touch (LIFELIKE remix) – Mitch Murder
  18. Ooey – Vitalic
  19. New Lands – Justice
  20. One Way Trigger – The Strokes
  21. Real Bad Lookin’ – Alex Cameron
  22. Johnny & Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry) – Todd Terje
  23. Nuclear Holiday – Junks
  24. Enola Gay – OMD


The playlist I’ve compiled is a combination of songs, sounds and artists that influence Junks and the kind of music I like to mix when i’m DJing at parties or at my monthly retrowave party, Totally Rad.

The list reflects my love of synthwave and 80s synthpop, with songs that give me that warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling, evoking images of the neon-drenched, Blade Runner-esque cityscapes implanted in my brain from too-much-movie-watching but also from my life here in the futuristic cities of Hangzhou and Shenzhen, China.


Keep up with Junks here.

code red riot | “bands with onions”

code red riot | “bands with onions”

“BANDS with ONIONS” was created to showcase bands with members who have “layers” of talent.
The most obvious bands to include were Foo Fighters and Godsmack, featuring lead singers and primary songwriters who were known “only as drummers” in their previous bands. Similar to my experience in Code Red Riot, they also played all the instruments on their debut albums (drums, bass and guitar), only getting help from friends for lead guitar parts along the way.
I’ve included a number of bands with insanely talented visual artists, such as 10 Years, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Devour The Day, The Fever 333, Gemini Syndrome, Butcher Babies, OK Go, and Crobot.
Some other examples of “talent layers” on this list include:
– Beartooth – Caleb Shomo plays all the parts on their albums
– Devour The Day – Frontman Blake Allison was also a former drummer
– Phantom Planet – Drummer Jason Schwartzman starred in a number of acclaimed Hollywood pictures, including Rushmore, I Heart Huckabees, and more.
– Jellyfish – A critically acclaimed by musicians for decades, their drummer was also the lead singer
– The Bronx – Known originally as “only a punk band,” their other project Mariachi El Bronx is definitely worth checking out
– White Zombie / Five Finger Death Punch – Include movie producers Rob Zombie and Jason Hook
– Pearl Jam / Stone Temple Pilots – Both of these songs were written by the band’s drummers
– Every Time I Die – Keith Buckley is a published author
– Papa Roach – Jacoby Shaddix runs his own clothing line
Every band has a story… and there’s a million others I could have included on this list, but “BANDS with ONIONS” includes my personal list of favorites. Enjoy!

Download Mask here and keep up with Code Red Riot at their website.

these wolves | raised by wolves

these wolves | raised by wolves

I wanted to share the music that inspired my songwriting style at a young age, the music THESE WOLVES was raised on. I grew up in the 90’s and the first band that I fell in love with was Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain made me pick up a guitar and make noise but Duncan Sheik and Elliott Smith taught me how lyrics can move people. I learned quiet to loud dynamics and how to tell a story through lyrics and melody listening to these artists.

I experimented through the years songwriting, trying to meld what I love: the vulnerability of Nirvana’s “Dumb” or Cold’s “Bleed”, the heaviness of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer” or KoRn’s “Here To Stay”, with the excitement and unpredictability of Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” and The Used’s “Take Me Away” and incorporate it in my music.

**By Darren Fisher of THESE WOLVES.

Keep up with These Wolves here.

32 favorite music videos of august 2018 (so far)

32 favorite music videos of august 2018 (so far)

I’m not sure if the amount of music video submissions in my inbox is due to an increase in creativity during the summer months, or if I’ve just had my head in the ground previously when it comes to music videos, but each one I see seems to be better and better. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite videos of August 2018 (SO FAR), and we’re not just sticking to one genre here, folks. Try on a new jam from Dead Naked Hippies, hit up the nostalgic feels of Princess Chelsea‘s new video for “Wasting Time”, or let Lennon Stella regale you with her unheard of talents. Either way, this list is a doozy and we cannot wait for more to share at the end of the month!

Dead Naked Hippies, “Drain You”

J Hart, “Put It To Bed”

Ayo & Teo ft. Lil Yachty, “Ay3”

Rachel Eckroth, “Call My Name”

M1nk, “The Far Side”

Princess Chelsea, “Wasting Time”

Guts Club, “Trench Foot”

Givers, “Movin’ On” (live)

Searmanas, “Undo”

No Small Children, “I’m So Concerned”

Foxhole, “Noble Scales”

Kings of Spade, “Way She Goes”

Lennon Stella, “Like Everybody Else”

Late Night Episode, Lay Off!

Jade Bird, “Uh Huh”

Sextile, “Paradox”

Dvsn, “Morning After”

Anna von Hausswolff, “The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra” (live)

Falcon Jane, “Ginger Ale”

RAY BLK, “Run Run”

Darren Jessee, “All But A Dream”

Laura Jean Anderson, “Love You Most”

Mammoth Indigo, “Undertow”

Minke, “Maybe 25”

IAN SWEET, “Hiding”

Rageouz, “Bridging”

Bealu, “Breath” (ft. Sophie Lindinger)

The RPMs, “Gotta Let Go”

Cautious Clay, “Call Me” (Stripped)

Marian Hill, “Wish You Were Here”

The Fox & The Hounds, “House of Leaves”

CROW, “For The Weekend”

eg vines, “eg”

eg vines, “eg”

The creatively titled ‘EG’ playlist is a mix of some of my all-time favorites as well as artists and songs that were instrumental in shaping ‘Conversation’.

-Jim Ford, Bill Withers, Neil Young, Al Green
‘Still Bill’, ‘Harvest’, ‘Gets Next to You’ and ‘Harlan County’ were four records that I immersed myself in as I writing ‘Conversation’. I’d sit down with each, learn some of the music and write out all of the lyrics. My producer, Eddie Spear, introduced me to Jim Ford and now I’ll pay that knowledge drop forward.

-Jason Isbell, Bob Dylan
In my opinion, Dylan is the best songwriter of all time and Isbell is the best of my generation. These guys have set a high bar and I continually look to them as I work on my craft.

-‘Truly, Madly Deeply’, ‘No Hard Feelings’
I always love when an artist finds a way to make a cover song sound like their own. I’m a big Manchester Orchestra fan and I came to find Yoke Lore after ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ popped up on a Spotify feed.

– Coldplay, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins
These are some of my favorite bands of all time and artists that helped shape me as a young musician. I put a few songs on here that I’ve had in heavy rotation recently.

– Natalie Royal, The Delta Saints, Brendan Benson, James Droll, Elise Davis
Nashville artists! I like to get out to shows when I’m in town and there is no shortage of talent in Music City. Here’s a handful of artists that I’d encourage anyone to acclimate themselves with if they don’t know them already.


Keep up with EG Vines here.