Remember the day Beavis and Butthead immortalized the band “Ween” and the song “Push th’ little Daisies?”  Half of the group’s mastermind dean ween, aka the deaner, rounded out by Mike Dillon, Bill Fowler (Sound of Urchin), Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie), Michael Hampton (Parliament-Funkadelic) make up the dean ween group. Their second album, rock2, will hit the drums of your ears March 16th, 2018.

“Showstopper”, the first track off of rock2, is a garage rock classic, a first-hand account of a small space and loud amps. The second track,”Fingerbangin”, is a semi- surf riff driven track with some superb drumming. I’m sure a crowd favorite at concerts.I was about 3 songs deep when I realized Dean Wean, all suggestive humor aside has become a very seriously seasoned musician. The total 180 spawns a sound you’d find on an old Eagles album. Returning to form with “Theme from skinheads kicking your ass” is saturated with horns in the back, anamorphic bass guitar and it’s easy to sing along to because the only word is “Oi.” Pulling more twists and turns to the albums sound is Rock2’s shining moment, “Yellow Pontiac.”

“You are what you eat, and you are what you drive”

This gritty, grungy, roll around in the swamp mud, tear into a solo cup with your teeth, gulp the beverage inside, and spit out what you chewed off, kinda rock song is seriously humorous.

The album ends with one more turn that isn’t as drastic. A dive bar, blues-rock jam “Sunset over Belmar.” Overall there is plenty of Dean Ween’s style of humor as well as a split personality type of musical diversity.

You can preorder rock2 out on March 16th through Schnitzel Records and keep up with the Dean Ween Group via their Facebook page.

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