From Guildford, England comes the voice of Annabel Allum. A small framed casually put together woman who you wouldn’t expect to have such an elegant tonal quality. “Rascal” is the 2nd single released this year following up her 2017 release “All that for what?”

“Rascal” is a very honest approach that gets more inwardly intimate than most. Revealing truths most bury, ignore, or deny. The slow tempo swaying verse begins with “I’m just a rascal woman, I take home people I meet in bars, I tell them I can see their soul, I can count their scars.” Pretty straightforward.

I always research each artist I review to get a little insight into their personality and how its applied to their approach to music. Annabel is quoted saying, “Rascal’ is about me accepting what people think of me, and trying to get on with it anyway. No one’s perfect and I’m certainly not.” The sincerity in that is very respectable. After hearing “Rascal” Annabel projects her truth exactly as it is. The chorus comes in like the morning twilight transitioning into a breathtaking sunrise. You know something is coming, your anticipation rises, the volume increases and like an orchestra director you raise your hands at the same moment the cymbals crash and the full spectral sound comes flooding in.

It is difficult to categorize Annabel as to me she is a woman with a guitar playing her heart, which is something that cannot be duplicated.
If you took Delores from The Cranberries(RIP), Liz Phair and Peri Gilpin(she played Roz on Fraider) ripped out their vocal chords and blended them like your morning smoothie, that combination would closely then resemble Annabel. While the music isn’t pop or rock it is very listener friendly.

“Rascal” is as powerful musically as it is lyrically. It’s raw yet mature. For those who aren’t afraid to admit they can be a “Rascal” at times, it’s a great song to relate to and reassuring that you aren’t terrible alone. We all have our moments. Accepting it is easy to do when there is a song to sing along to.

To purchase the single and albums prior visit her website, and don’t forget to follow her on facebook.


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