by leigha stuiso

Zanya is releasing a new track called, “Wake Up”, that calls people to action and to take a look into current and past problems. There is no better time than now to release a song that deals with equality and speaking up for what needs to be done. Zanya and her bandmates created another pop-rock track with a unique twist, with serious lyrics that will inspire listeners to think about the subject matter. The lyrics, “it’s not been equal / since day one / we have to speak up, to get it done,” are a reminder of the inequality people face daily and encourage you to take action.

Zanya began collaborating with bassist Patrick Reaves and guitarist Drew Carsillo shortly after moving to Los Angeles. Since then, they have continued to push each other to create music that draws on their fascinations and passions in life. Listen to “Wake Up” now and get inspired to make some changes for the better. Keep up with Zanya here.