Yemi Alade. You may know the Nigerian sensation as the first female African artist to reach 100 million plays on youtube with her hit song “Johnny” in 2014. If not, you may know her as a contributor to Béyonce’s album The Lion King: The Gift. If neither of these accomplishments ring a bell, then let her new song “Boyz” be your gateway into this remarkable MTV Africa Music Award winner. Of Yoruba and Igbo descent, Yemi produces vibrant Afropop music for the world to enjoy. “Boyz” is groovy and bouncy, and Yemi’s enthralling vocals and melodies are supplemented by an unwavering beat. The beat is passed around between voices– the bass, drums, and even Yemi’s vocals. No matter where the beat is, however, it’s constant and driving, transfixing the listener. Yemi also adds a unique touch by using drums to ornament the song here and there rather than simply having them keep the beat.

Created with collaborator Vtek, this upbeat pop gem is just a taste of Yemi’s impending album. A video for “Boyz” is on the horizon as well. In the meantime, you can check out her other four albums: King of Queens, Mama Africa (The Diary of an African Woman, Black Magic, and Woman of Steel. As an acclaimed trailblazer for African music, Yemi’s music is a treasure and unquestionably worth checking out.

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