As we celebrate PRIDE throughout June, we revel in the vulnerability that sparks new relationships, new collaborations, and new art. With light-as-a-feather vocals, artist and mental health advocate X. Ari details the experience of discovering her sexuality in her new track “Stranger to Saviour.” Explains the artist of the single:

‘Stranger to Saviour’ is about how I fell in love with a woman after a lifetime of dating men. The lyrics tell a playful, exploratory, honest, and emotional story about my experience with this big life change and how my new romance, with my first ever girlfriend, Anja, has changed me forever. Love is a powerful healer. I am so grateful for my awakening and for my willingness to be fluid so I was able to attract true love. It’s dedicated to Anja whom I love & adore – we ‘started as strangers, now you’re my saviour.’

In true anthem fashion, the instrumentals explode into a gorgeous cacophony of bass-heavy sound multiple times during the introspective song. Equal parts hopeless romantic and openly self-aware, “Stranger to Saviour” will no doubt become an anthem for many. So listen now, open your heart, and feel into your own story by checking out the track below!

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Meredith Schneider