by: leigha stuiso

Up-and-coming hip hop artist whiterosemoxie debuted the music video for “west side boys” ahead of the release of his next mixtape. The video premiered on Pigeons & Planes’ YouTube channel and was shot, directed and edited by Jax Anderson. whiterosemoxie and his friends star in the video which is similar to a day-in-the-life of the Detroit native. The track comes off his debut full-length release, white ceilings, and is a reminder that the people around you have to be your foundation, especially in darker times. This idea will come to fruition in his next mixtape, grae ceilings. Although he just finished high school, his lyrics are vulnerable and introspective, which you might not expect from someone his age. After a near-death experience, whiterosemoxie decided to start making music alone in his basement. Now, he is moving up and beginning to collaborate on the song making process with others. There is a slight feeling of anticipation at the beginning of the song, not knowing where the beat is going to go until the drums kick in. The down-tempo track exemplifies his artistry and only adds another layer to his musical identity. Check out “west side boys” and the new music video out now.