The illustrious Tayla Parx is gracing the world once again with a video for her recent single “Dance Alone.” Parx has an extensive collection of achievements under her belt: Grammy nominations for her work on Ariana Grande’s hits “thank u, next,” “7 Rings” and “My Everything”, Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer, Christina Aguilera’s “Like I Do” featuring GoldLink, The Internet’s “Ego Death” and Hairspray; guest performances on Lizzo and Anderson .Paak’s tours, and the establishment of a songwriting camp called “Burnout.” She was born in Dallas where she trained with the legendary choreographer Debbie Allen. After sharpening her skills in LA, Parx released her mixtape TaylaMade in 2017, which now has over 25 million streams. By the time she released her debut album We Need To Talk in 2019, she had already become the first female songwriter to have three simultaneous top 10 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 since 2014: “7 Sings”, “thank u, next”, and Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes.” We Need To Talk itself was lauded by critics from The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, and more. The album held characteristics that we also hear in “Dance Alone”: playfulness, a conversational tone, the blend of pop, R&B, and traces of rap, and high notes not unlike those of Grande herself. Parx is a creative powerhouse, already gearing up to release her new album Coping Mechanisms later this year.

The video for “Dance Alone” ties in with the concept of coping mechanisms as well. To cope with quarantine and social isolation, Parx offers a breezy video of her dancing at home in her pajamas. She says “We need human connection, but at least when you’re home dancing in your pajamas while blasting your favorite song, you feel a little less alone.” The video is captivating, drawing you in with an adorable dog shot at the beginning, then keeping your attention as you watch Parx move through her home in elegant pajamas, bathed in dreamlike purple and blue light. Her smooth and carefree moves put a smile on your face. The music is made up of funky bass, guitar, and drums and provides an infectious groove for her to dance to. But instead of the music being simply a foundation for her to maneuver upon, the two feel more like distinct equals, like they are keeping each other company. Parx’s vocals are spectacular as well. She attacks her high notes precisely and deftly, with no need to prepare. They are like little gems that give the track an extra sense of enchantment.

“Dance Alone” is sure to have you dancing the quarantine blues away in no time. Get your dose of sunshine here.

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